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Fri May 18, 2001 12 - 3 am 
Modular SetThicket Crass FitModular Set /
Last ExitLizard EyesHeadfirst Into the Flames /
Fred/Drake/Jordan/Pa Anderson1ST Day2 Days in April /
MasadaKaretTet /
Witches and DevilsTruth Is Marching inAt the Empty Bottle /
Sonny SharrockSoonJazzactuel /
the No-Neck Blues ExplosionThe Crack-UpI Am Victor Hugo /
Brotzman/Haino/HanoPart 1Shadows /
2X3=5 /
TestBaltimore 2Live/Test /
Charles GayleHoly ServantAncient of Days /
Dato, Carlo ActisLatin LoverMoonwalker, the /
F Koglmann & Konitz,Ko-KoWe Thought About Duke /
Manufacturing of HumidifiersThe Existing Fur of VisorlesDire Images of Beauty /
Italian Instabile FestivalA.E.I.O.Pisa Teatro Verdi, December... /
Ivo PerelmanPassionSeven Energies of the Univ, th /
Albert's LullabyEdge of NightAlbert's Lullaby /
John Hinds and PeterPrismatic ReflectionsAnother Curiosity Piece /
William HookerBreathing...Counting...Great Sunset /
Henry Kuntz & Don MarvelCD-2, InquiryOne, One, and One /
Nabatov, Simon QuartetNature MorteNature Morte /
John ButcherLibericaFixations /
Cecil TaylorIwontunwonsiIwontunwonsi /
John ZornAcanthopis AntarcticusCobra (Live at the Knitting Fa /
Nels ClineSpider WisdomInkling, the /
Forward EnergyForward EnergyForward Energy /