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Sat Jun 02, 2007 7pm - 9pm 
Coph NiaThe Hall of TruthShape Shifter / Cold Meat Industry
Moe! StaianoDrum Mix Vibrato
Lateness Of Yearly Presentations, The / Dephine Knormal Music
Black Happy DayA Lyke Wake Dirge
In The Garden Of Ghost Flowers / Silber Records
Death In JuneCome Before Christ And Murder LoveWorld That Summer, The / Soleilmoon Recordings

Ithinkthere'ssomedamageBlack Metel Mama / Red RecordJesus Philbin / Ithinkthere'ssomedamage / Wolfman
Godflesh vs. Justin BroadrickWakeCOLL: Hellspawn / Earache
MiddianThe Blood Of Icons
Age Eternal / Metal Blade
Ur Jourdene Djup / Century Media

NaglfarFeeding Moloch
Harvest / Century Media
March Of The Parasite / Unruly Sounds
StackHate, Fear, & PowerKonkret Lichtgeschwindigkeit / Six Weeks
UlverVargnattVargnatt Promo 1993 - 10" / Tne End

The StoogesFree & FreakyWeirdness, The / Virgin Records America
Les Hate PinkTete Malade / Sick In The HeadTete Malade / Sick In The Head / Tko Records
Krum BurnsDisregarded YouthAs The Tide Turns / Tko Records
Conflict (USA/AZ)White SkinLive at the Backstage 1/18/83 / Brownian
Cyclon BKrisCOLL: Killed By Death #50 - Rare Swedish Punk 1978-82 / Punk-Lennart
Rock SetPiteå KommunCOLL: Killed By Death #50 - Rare Swedish Punk 1978-82 / Punk-Lennart
HangoverSick SocietyCOLL: Killed By Death #50 - Rare Swedish Punk 1978-82 / Punk-Lennart

Current 93The Dissolution Of 'the Boat Millions Of Years'
Black Ships Ate The Sky / Jnana Records
PsychonautLove Is The Law...Love Under WillLiber Null / Anthenor
Jessica BailiffIf We Could
Feels Like Home / Kranky
HarmoniaMonza (Rauf und Runter)Deluxe / Lilith

FuckwolfWhite StrokesFuckwolf / Self Release
SandSarahUltrasonic Seraphim / World Serpent

Sunn 0)) (live at Roksiklde Fest w/Attila Cshair)Black One (2 CD version) / Southern Lord

Project E.L.F.Dust Bunny (100% Agave Mix)Remixed / Div/Zero Records
MochipetWafflecore (Featuring Gir)Girls Love Breakcore / Daly City Records
WizieUm Yeah Stop Wait Go
Give Us All Your Honey / None
Stolen BabiesTablescrap
There By Squabbles Ahead / No Comment

KylesaWhat Becomes An End
Time Will Fuse It's Worth / Prosthetic Records
No Hope For The KidsTreblinka
Public Safety / Maximum Rock-N-Roll
SsdRememberPower / Taang! Records (East Cst)
the SpudmonstersBeerStop the Madness / Massacre Records
Ho-AgStay Home Tonight
Word From Pluto, The / Hello Sir Records
MudhoneyIt Is Us
Under A Billion Suns / Sub Pop Records

Dread AstaireBassassination
Hipbeat / Self Release
LoopFrom Centre to WaveA Gilded Eternity / Beggars Banquet
LoopGot To Get It OverPrisma Uber Europa / Beggar's Banquet

CodeineOld ThingsFrigid Stars / Sub Pop
BedheadLosing MemoriesBeheaded / Trance Syndicate Records
the For CarnationGet and Stay Get MarchFight Songs / Matador Records
LowSeaI Could Live in Hope / Vernon Yard

ArtichokeProblemsNever Mind The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols / Green Records
Fish KarmaNausea #2Theory Of Intelligent Design, The / Alternative Tentacles Records
Verbal AbuseNo Thanx 2 U
No Thanx 2 U / Self
Behind Enemy LinesRetribution
One Nation Under The Iron Fist Of God / Profane Existence

LinesOn The Air
Messthetics #102: D.I.Y. 78-81 London Ii / Hyped 2 Death
WireFrench Film Blurred/Another The LetterChairs Missing / Harvest
The Sharp EaseTwist The Risk
Remain Instant / Self Release
Across TundrasRamblin' In The Shadows
Dark Songs Of The Prairie / Crucial Blast

The HeadsSwamp Of Chutney Morgan
Under The Stress Of A Headlong Dive / Alternative Tentacles Records
St. VitusBurial At SeaSt. Vitus / SST
MastodonThe Wolf Is Loose
Blood Mountain / Relapse Records