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Sat Jul 28, 2007 midnight - 3am 
Love SongOvertureBehind Enemy Lines In G# Minor / New Disorder Records
Love SongHot ListBehind Enemy Lines In G# Minor / New Disorder Records
Sore ThumbsMinds EyeListen Up!! / California Radio Records

MelvinsShow Off Your Red Hands10 Songs / C/Z Records
El BuzzardWelcome To QuaziEl Buzzard / DIY
GuttermouthThe 23 Things That Rhyme With Darby CrashShave The Planet / Volcom
Crucifire / Level Plane

Yo La TengoHow to Make a Baby ElephantlSummer Sun / Matador Records
Agent OrangePipelineLiving In Darkness / Posh Boy
New Centeries, theSharp DartsNew Centeries, the / DIY
MastodonCrusher Destroyer (Album)March of the Fire Ants Ep / Relapse Records

999HomicideSeparates / United Artists
Bobby Byrd & James BrownYou've Got To Change Your MindI'll Lose My Mind 45 / King
From Gutter with Love / Absolutely Kosher Records
Cliftons, theLifeStyles of the Rich and FamousStrung Out on Dope / DIY
Business LadyHe's PissingSkull Bashing / Pacific Rock Records
Poison IdeaStar of BaghdadBlank Blackout Vacant / Taang! Records (East Cst)
KusikiaInconnuKusikia / DIY

MogwaiBlack Spider 2Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait / Pias America
Helium#12 L'enfantSuperball / Matador Records
SchandeReturn of the ReturnLittle Bunny Scarey Forest / oxenvee
Bug Pedals, theCar CommercialIt's a Secret / DIY
ShiloePlease Remove Your Teeth From My NeckPlease Remove Your Teeth From My Neck / DIY

Mumlers, theRed River HustleMumlers, the / DIY
Killing CaliforniaKilling CaliforniaRopeless Romantics / Breaklight
Melvins/LustmordZZZZ Best/Saftey ThirdPigs of the Roman Empire / Ipecac
Up The EmpireStars At NoonLight Rides the Super Major / The Cougar Label
Birds & CigarettesDead GrassBirds & Cigarettes / DIY

Nowhere FastFuck'N Up/No LessonsTina's Spicy Poontang Burrito / NPC Records
Crash WorshipPhuchiTriple Mania II / DIY
BugskullBring the ClownsSnakland / Scratch Records/Trackshun
BugskullSnaklandSnakland / Scratch Records/Trackshun