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Thu Sep 20, 2007 2am - 5am 
Russian Bells 10" /
Cadaver In DragAbuseAbuse / Husk Recordings
Morris, ChrisSuicide JournalistBlue Jam /

Bone Conduction / Boc Sound Laboratories
Dielectric Field Recording All StarsRainmaking
Re: Record / Dielectric Records
Dielectric Field Recording All StarsIntombe
Re: Record / Dielectric Records
NecroanalI Think
Obligatory Self-Titled Debut Release / Nonesuch Records
Moon Wiring ClubGhost RadioI'm More Than A Memory Now / Blank Workshop
Cage, JohnMusic For Marcel Duchamp

NecroanalAnti Choice Pro Death (Rhetoric)
Obligatory Self-Titled Debut Release / Nonesuch Records
Charmer, TheIs A He Or A SheLouis Farrakhan Is The Charmer /

The Big ChiefBig Chief Reads Nikki Sixx's Diary

Drum Machine Gun / Relapse Records
Dum Dum TVSide A12" /
-Pride Of The Nation
Radio Pyongyang: Commie Funk & Agit Pop / Sublime Frequencies
Fabio Orsi And Gianluca BecuzziBlue Drones For A Ballad (Part One)
Stones Know Everything, The / Digitalis Industries

If ThousandsPush
I Have Nothing / Silber Records
MidmightVegans At The
Almost Clear / Resipiscent
Wendy Atkinson"I Love This Town"
Pink Noise / Smarten Up! & Get to the
John ZornVariations on a Theme By AlbFirst Recordings 1973 / Tzadik Records

People Like Us & Ergo PhizmizSmiling In The Rain, Suckling
Perpetuum Mobile / Soleilmoon Recordings
Sun City GirlsThe Brothers UnconnectedDante's Disneyland Inferno / Abduction
Meat Beatles, TheBackwards Devil Music 666
M. KourieHors Le La Loi (For Tim Kecker)
Dreams Of M. Kourie, The / Chrome Peeler
Angus MacliseAstral Collapse
Coulais, BrunoSoundtrack to Holy Mountain Trailer
PorestMeat Supply
Tourrorists! / Abduction
Cat Woman Is A Cat VampireA)12" /
Laine, Frankie & Jimmy BoydThe Little Boy And The Old Man