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Sat May 10, 2008 7pm - 9pm 
Kammerflimmer Kollektief...Den Nacht Ist Jetzt Schon
Cicadidae / Temporary Residence
Ernst & The Edsolm RDoomsday Troops
Caustic ChristOf a Greater God
Can't Relate / Havoc Records
Impulse ManslaughterA Hell on Earth
Live at Wfmu / Beer City
VoetsekBlind Fold
A Match Made In Hell / Six Weeks
Graf OrlockGame TimeDestination Time Tomorrow /
Cephalic CarnageThe Isle of CaliforniaLucid Interval / Relapse Records
GojiraOcean Planet
From Mars To Sirius / Prosthetic Records

Enter The Grave / Earache
WarbringerTotal War
Thrashing Like A Maniac / Earache
Mourning The Unknown / Sound Pollution/Mcr
NileLashing to the Slave Stick
Annihilation of the Wicked / Relapse Records
PentagramForever My Queen

Icky BoyfriendsSeal Of ApprovalEnd Of Lust / Blackjack
Sic AlpsSurgeon And The Slave
Pleasures And Treasures / Animal Disguise
IThinkthere'ssomedamage99 ProblemsLive at KZSU /

Katastrophy WifeRun To The Hills
Heart On (Cd Single) / Rish Records
BeatnutsWatch Out Now

Iron LungLife's Worth
Life. Iron Lung. Death / 625 Thrashcore
Cattle DecapitationUnintelligent Design
Karma Bloody Karma / Metal Blade
SpazzLeonard the Dirt ThrowerSpazz/ Romantic Gorill / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Machine Gun RomanticsDead...And Other Problems
Everything So Far / 625 Thrashcore
The Endless BlockadeBarely Legal
Tun Illness Into A Weapon / Sound Pollution/Mcr

DezerterNiewolnikKu Przyszlosci / Nikt Nic Nie Wie
Instant AssholeEscape
Straight Edge Failure / Tankcrimes
JfaCoke And Snickers
This Is Not L.A. / None
Massacre3 new songs
OutragedDesperdicio De VidaOutraged 2003-2006 Todo Hasta El Momento / Slef
Acuff, RoyWabash Cannonball

GrimbaneTyrannize Christians
Let The Empires Fall / Moribund Records
AzaghalTaman Maailman Prinssi
Omega / Moribund Cult
Burzum & LeviathanDunkelheit
Night Like TheseCollective UnconsciousSunlight At Secondhand / Victory Records

High On FireFury Whip
Death Is This Communion / Relapse Records