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Sun Nov 17, 2002 3pm - 5pm 
Spike JonesBlack BottomSpike Jones Anthology, the / Rhino Records
Rube WaddellI've a Lovely Piece of CrumtBound for the Gates of Hell / Vaccination Records
the PupilsThe Mind is a hole in the BodyPupils, the / Dischord
the CapricornsNintendo SongIn the Zone / Paroxysm
Com.AHuglusuckTIGERBEAT6 and the Bea / TIGERBEAT6
MochipetLike a Bug on Its BackMochipet Cdr / Btrendy Records
FridgeDubEph Reissue / Temporary Residence
Fade in Fade Out / Strange Attractors Audio
Azalia SnailBaby ApricotDeep Motif / Candy Floss Records
Wet ConfettiAnother Fair, Another Show
Policia De La Educacion / Greyday Productions
OuthudEmperor Selassie's Morning WTroubleman Mix Tape / Troubleman Unlimited
Dog Faced HermansJan 9Hum of Life / Project-A-Bomb
Sounding Rockets / Evil Eye Records
SpaceheadsPay Me My Money DownHo! Fat Wallet / Dark Beloved Cloud
DisfearSista KrigetTrapped in a Toothed Gear / Tsr
Former Members of AlfonsinScreaming for ChangeFormer Members of Alfo / <No Label Info>
Janmichaelvincentcarcrash51 People Killed by Piraates in 1997A Cobra Trilogy / Rage of Achilles
Bitchin'So Much Water So Close to HeNight Life, the Tight Styl, th / No Idea
WuzorNew Death of WuzorWuzor / Cesspool Records
PlutocracyBlind IdealismSniping Pigz / Six Weeks
FracasSo SayethEddie Haskells/Fracas / Hub Cap and Wheel Records
Scurvy DogsVoices From InsideCan You Afford All this Cheese / Pyrate Records
Four Hundred YearsSignalSuture and Other Songs / Lovitt Records
LudicraHeaped Upon Impassive FloorsHollow Psalms / Life Is Abuse
ShankDealing with AbstractsCoded Messages in Slowed Downs / Deep Six Records
Kill the Man Who QuestionsCensusSugar Industry / Coalition
KatemoshMy Sore EyesAbout Life... / React with Protest
DiscargaFracoHappy Night Electric Experienc / Six Two Five Thrashcore
the Yah MosYour Best InterestRight on / Sunney Sindicut
the Young OnesLoyaltySummer 2002 Tour Demo / Unknown
SamsaraSacred and ProfaneCatharsis / Catharsis
Bread and CircuitsLetter From ChaseBread and Circuits / Ebullition Records
LarmThe Complexity of LifeExtreme Noise / Coalition
FloorKallisti - Song for ErisFloor / No Idea
Wretched OnesIm TroubledThe Wretched Ones / Dionysys
IconoclastSilenceIconoclast / Ebullition Records
Creation Is CrucifixionThe Master's Tools Will NeveDethrone or Devour / Willowtip
DOALiar for HireWar on 45 / Alternative Tentacles