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Sat Nov 01, 2008 9pm - midnight 
manowarviolence and bloodshedFighting the World / ATCo Records
AnthraxGung-HoSpreading the Disease / MegaForce
AvantasiaThe Final SacrificeThe Metal Opera Pt2 / century media
ExodusLow RiderFabulous Disaster / combat
Iced EarthViolateThe Dark Saga / Magic Arts
ManowarFight until We DieWarriors of the World / MetalBlade
Iron SaviorStarchaserBattering Ram / noise

Iron MaidenMontsegurDance of Death / Columbia Records (College
MotorheadRock Out
Motorizer / Spv Gmbh
willie station ID11 / Castaway Records
Cancer BatsRegret
Hail Destroyer / Blackmarket Activities
Memoria In Aeterna / Self Release
AnimosityBombs Over Rome
Animal / Metal Blade
Gama BombOcp
Citizen Brain / Earache
NadjaProjective Plane
Atavist/Nadja Split / Profound Lore
Vancougar(I Hope Your) Money (Keeps You Warm)Canadian Tuxedo / Mint Records Inc.
The GangSea SoZero Hits / Absolutely Kosher Records
Woodbox GangAlmost EnoughDrunk As Dragons / Alternative Tentacles Records

Merciful FateThe OathDon't break the Oath / RoadRacer Records
AnnihilatorMaximum SatanSchizo Deluxe / Locomotive
Flotsam and JetsamStraight to Helldreams of death / crash
HelloweenHe is a woman, She is a manMetal Jukebox / Sanctuary Records
EldritchBless Me NowNeighborHell / Limb Music
Code of PerfectionShred It!Last Exit for the Lost / Limb Music
Twisted SisterBurn in Hell
Still Hungry / Spitfire Records Inc.
MegaDethGo To HellHidden Treasures / Capitol
Hallows EveHallows EveTales of Terror / MetalBlade