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Sun Jan 18, 2009 noon - 3pm 
Moe.Captain AmericaDither / Fatboy Records Time. / .

Super ToughPie High
Dance, Worm! / Actual American Records

the Flaming LipsShe Don't Use JellyTransmissions From the Satelli / Warner Brothers (Modern)
Retribution Gospel ChoirFor Her Blood
Retribution Gospel Choir / Caldo Verde

RurikNo Sound
Re-Education / The Athir Creative Inc.
Modey LemonMilk Moustache
Season Of Sweets / Birdman Records
Slightly StoopidCruzinCloser to the Sun / -----
Devendra BanhartChinese Children
Cripple Crow / Xl Recordings

GuntherDing Dong Songpleasureman / Warner Brothers
Monsieur LerocDon't You Like My Style?
Oh La La! / Cornerstone R.A.S.
Infectious GroovesImmigrant SongSarsipus' Ark / ----
Senor CoconutSmoke on the Water
Fiesta Songs / Emperor Norton

Full Blown CherryHighway to Hell
Rock-A-Billy Tribute to Ac, th / Cmh Records
Gipsy KingsHotel CaliforniaBig Lebowski, the / Mercury Records
Experimental Dental SchoolObscene Back Porch Floating
Jane Doe Loves Me / Cochon Records
The Cute LepersTerminal Boredom
Can't Stand Modern Music / Blackheart Records

Perry, Lee "Scratch"Having A Party
Scratch Came Scratch Saw Scratch Conquered / State Of Emergency Limited
Dennis BrownWolf And Leopards/Step On The Dragon
Best Of Dennis Brown: The Niney Years, The / Heartbeat
Dub SpecialistStarring DubDub Specialist: 17 Dub Shots / Heartbeat
John Brown's BodyMake Your Move
Amplify / Easy Star Records
Lucky DubeRastas Never Die
Retrospective / Rykodisc

Bowie, DavidSpace OddityChangesbowie / .

EskimoBugheadFurther Adventures of Der Shri / Prawn Song Records
OysterheadMr. OysterheadGrand Pecking Order, the / Elektra Records (East Coast)
BucketheadJump ManMonsters & Robots / .
DeerhoofFresh Born
Offend Maggie / Kill Rock Stars