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Fri Jan 23, 2009 noon - 3pm 
captain nemo and crewwhale of a tale20000 leagues under the sea /
Northern ValentineEscaping Light
Distance Brings Us Closer, The / Silber Records
Tom SullivanThe DreadnaughtClassic Maritime Music / Smithsonian/Folkways
David LeikamSideways Trigger Slip
David Leikam's Dance Clippings Volume: 1 / Dbcl
EconomicsWhales Were Dogs
Economics / Self
Curtis BayHell Of A World...Earth Attacks / Self
wizard of ozif i only had a heart
Frank Rothkamm38
Opus Spongebobicum / Flux
peter greenawayselections from the falls
Michael GordonPopopera Parts 1-4
[Purgatorio] Popopera / Cantaloupe Music
Hotel HotelFrom Harbour
Sad Sea, The / Silber Records
Dead Heart BloomLove Like Lies
Oh Mercy / Kei Records
Bardo PondWankAmanita / Matador Records
HammerlockGood Hearted Woman
Barefoot & Pregnant / Steel Cage Records
------------1:00 pm----------
mcluskyalan is a cowboy killermclusky do dallas / seriously groovy
True WidowDuelist
True Widow / End Sounds
My Bloody ValentineFeed Me with Your KissIsn't Anything / Creation Records Limited
a place to bury strangersto fix the gash in your heada place to bury strangers /
The Music TapesMajesty
Music Tapes For Clouds And Tornadoes / Merge Records
MonkeyMonkey's World
Journey To The West / Xl Recordings
ActoonOla Li DamaActoon / Self
God Is My Co-PilotOi DivchinoDreams Are Free (With / Dark Beloved Cloud
xim coming overlos angeles / wb
Don CaballeroDick Suffers Is Furious withDon Caballero 2 / Touch and Go
KYUSSTHong SongBlues for the Red Sun /
Crucifire / Level Plane

Richie HavensGoing Back To My Roots
Rapture, The / !K7 Records Usa
donald b yrd and the 125th st bandlove has come arounhdfabric 36 murphy & mahoney / fabric
Vaughan Mason & CrewBounce, Rock, Skate, Roll
Rapture, The / !K7 Records Usa
pantha du princesaturn strobethis bliss / dial records

Tenth To The MoonHouse On Stilts
Tenth To The Moon / Stickfigure Records
CaveHld 3
Hunt Like Devil / Permanent
AdventureJurassic Park CityAdventure / Carpark Records
Shugo TokumaruGreen Rain
Exit / Startime
Silver SummitAwakenn
Silver Summit / Language Of Stone
Religious KnivesOn A Drive
Door, The / Ecstatic Peace