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Sat Jun 13, 2009 3am - 6am 
Pink Saliva9:04
Danse Avec Robert Duncan / Majmua Music
Yellow SwansReintegration
Deterioration / Load Records
Wooden ShjipsMotorbike
Dos' / Holy Mountain
SujoDirt Cover
Sujo (Mini Ep) / Inam Records
YobExorcism of the HostIllusion of Motion, the / Metal Blade
the CliftonsCop OutDeadly Habits / <No Label Info>
Lightning BoltInfinity Farm
Hypermagic Mountain / Load Records
French Miami*
French Miami / Diy Release
the CliftonsSex, Drugs & AlcoholSex, Drugs, & Alcohol / Super Speedway
trafficfeelin' all rightheavy traffic / united artists
Sunn O)))Alice
Monoliths And Dimensions / Southern Lord Recordings
FugaziStacksSteady Diet of Nothing / Dischord
Foot VillageBones
Fuck The Future 2 / Gilgongo Records
FugaziReclamationSteady Diet of Nothing / Dischord
Ivan HrvatskaParty All YearSeasons Of Love (Party All Year) / (Unknown)
the ZambonisAndy Moog Meets Robert MoogMore Songs About Hockey / Tarquin Records
jack moelmann. nhl organistchicago blackhawks organist noodlingnone / none
Pink / Southern Lord Recordings
motorheadoverkillno sleep at all, motorhead england / enigma
Surface To Air / Relapse Records
The Usa Is A MonsterAbove All Its The Songs
Space Programs / Load Records