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Fri Jan 17, 2003 6pm - 9pm 
Massimo11Hello Dirty / Mego Records
Blevin BlectumUpright Locked DownTalon Slalom / Deluxe
Tetsu Inoue and Carl Stone?.DigitPict.Soul / Cycling '74
the Bran FlakesThe Mickey Mouse ClubI Don't Have a Friend / Lomo
Severed HeadsDreamsongHaul Ass /
the Bran FlakesI Will Melt ThemI Don't Have a Friend / Lomo
autechreGantz_Grafgantz_graf / warp
Extreme Elvis7.couple counselPowerful Pathways to Intimacy / Rats Ass Recordings
Atom and His PackageWhat We Do on ChristmasMaking Love / No Idea
TipsyXxxmasUh-Oh / Asphodel
Mandible ChatterSilver Apples of the MoonMeasuring the Marigolds / Russell Records
the 6THSLindy-LouHyacinths and Thistles / Merge Records
K.TelegramNew Problems / Tiger Style Records
Flin FlonMistaken PointBoo Boo / Teenbeat
Vehicle FlipsTrouble on the Western SurveFor You I Pine / Magic Marker Records
Braun, Grace D.Q.EDulcimer Song
Im Your Girl / Dark Beloved Cloud
Braun, Grace D.Q.EThe Quiet Ride
Im Your Girl / Dark Beloved Cloud
Loren Connersthe Silence/and SorrowThe departing of a dream / Family Vineyard
Pale NudesInner MusicSoul Come Home / RecRec/Make Up
Peter CusackSafariWhere Is The Green Parrot? / ReR Megacorp
Nicolas CollinsIt Was A Dark And Stormy NightIt Was A Dark And Stormy Night / Trace Elements
Eddie PrevostOn the Point of a Needle
All Angels Concerts, T / Emanem
Battery Operated8 Chase Through
Chases Through Non-Place / Triage International
Gone / None
Latest, the / Hefty Records
Torture TonesHateDiscontinued / None
Crack We Are RockCold As IceSilent Fantasy / Tigerbeat
Boards of CanadaTwoism
Twoism / Warp Records
Mark Johnson & Emory LesterMother BanjoAcoustic Campaign / Bangtown Records
Tender TrapLove Is Red/GreenFilm Molecules / K Records
the Natural HistoryThe Progress ChartNatural History, the / Startime
LunaNew Haven CometClose Cover Before Before Stri / Jetset
Eva CassidyFever
Imagine / Blue Street Records
Beachwood SparksSun Surrounds Me
By Your Side / Rough Trade
the Bright LightsThere Was no Joy in the BrilBright Lights, the / 555 Recordings (Az)
Will DurstDrive Through Nickel Beer NiYou Can't Make Stuff Up Like / Worst of Durst
Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer403051-C Manhatten RagBix & Tram D / JSP REcords
Matt Pond PaClose MapNature of Maps, the / Polyvinyl Record Co.
th Sheila Divine Secret SocieBack to the Cradle
Sheila Divine Secret Socie, th / Arena Rock Recording Co.
Graham Central StatinHapp e 2 c u againnow do u wanta dance / warner brothers