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Mon Jan 11, 2010 midnight - 3am 
Grand InvincibleEons on the Cutdigi12" / TBA
Masta AceYa' Hardcore12" / Delicious Vinyl
Dave DubNever Still Born7" / Isolated Wax
Pers & Pacoe the IlliterateFrequency Jam FreestyleLive /
MicKing & Chum SnakeSnakeOildigi12" / FakeFour
Digable PlanetsPacificsReachin / Elektra
Blame OneSupreme BeingsChasing... / soulspazm
Schooly DP.S.K.s/t / Jive
MC Shy-DI've gotta be tough12" / Luke Sykwalker

Tame OneAnxiety AttacksAnxiety Attacks / Amalgam Digital
Senor CoconutMusique nonstopEl Baile aleman / Multicolor
Paton LockeAuto ReverseSuper Ramen Rocketship / Tres Records
Beatmonstas feat. Prince PoRippin to the last bardigi12" / TBA
Organized KonfusionLpNumbers / Priority Records (Hiphop)