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Wed Feb 05, 2003 noon - 3pm 
the CathetersHang Up3000 Ways / Sub Pop Records
Jessica BailiffMary
Jessica Bailiff / Kranky
the Lounge BrigadeCleaning Out My ClosetTribute to Eminem / Vitamin Records
Joss WhedonI've Got a Theory/Bunnies/IfBuffy the Vampire Slayer: Once / Rounder Records
the WarlocksShake the Dope OutPhoenix Album / Birdman Records
Theoretical GirlsU.S. MillieTheoretical Girls / Acute Records
Spirit CaravanThe DepartureElusive Truth / Tolotta
Sorry About DresdenOne Version of Events
Convenience of Indecision, the / Saddle Creek
Sorry About DresdenA Brilliant Ally
Convenience of Indecision, the / Saddle Creek
Sad Like CrazyBatman the HorsePopulist Octopus / Ojet
SmogAstronautAccumulation: None / Drag City
Darryl PurposeCaliforniaA Crooked Line / Tangible Music
MetamorphosisLove and NapalmDip / Leo Records
the Lounge Tribute To...iron manSabbath in the Suburbs / Vitamin Records
the Lounge BrigadeThe Real Slim ShadyTribute to Eminem / Vitamin Records
MaogojiataI Found SomeoneMaogojiata / Good Forks
Le NombreFleur De Cendrier
Le Nombre / Blow the Fuse
the GuthriesThe Ballad of Buck SteelGuthries, the / Haysale Records
GoodiepalStomp Naffer
Narc Beacon / Skipp
Ten to Ten Past Ten / None
Earnest RaptureEmancipation
Yesterday's Lemons / Earnest Rapture
Stephen FearingLike the Way You SaidThat's How I Walk / Philo
Dog PookahA Good Word
Thousands Fly / Wire Heart
Crime in ChoirA Girl Named Jesus
Crime in Choir / Omnibus Records
Paul AsbellHappy ThumbSteel String Americana / Busy Hands Records
Asphalt JungleRed DragonElectro Ave / Roir
Bending BusExperiments in Bent PhysicsBending Bus / Sonic Terror Records
Soft Pink TruthAdeuszNight Owls 02 / Deluxe
Electric BirdsNightridersNight Owls 02 / Deluxe