Fri Oct 05, 2001 12 - 3 am 
Tony AllenAfropushermanPsyco on Da Bus /
Sex MobTeasing the KoreanDoes Bond /
Rob/Caine/Feldman SchwimmerFireflies in TainanTheremin Noir /
Ryoji Ikeda0001000000Matrix /
Sigur RosNy BatteriAgaetis Byrjun /
Low & Dirty ThreeDown By the RiverIn the Fishtank /
Spacemen 3SuicidePerformance-Live at the Melkwe /
Don CaballeroLucky Father BrownSingles Breaking Up VOL.1 /
PanasonicMoottoriKulma /
John ZornAmerican MagusSongs From the Hermetic Theate /
Mats GustafssonWindowsWindows: the Music of Steve La /
Gebhard UllmannO Profeta IiEssencia /
Previte, Bobby/Marc DucretHandyIn the Grass /
Yoshihide, Otomo/New Jazz QuinSpinFlutter /
Ware, David S.Jazz Fi-SciCorridors & Parallels /
Peter BrotzmannPt 3Marz Combo Live in Wuppertal /
Warren, Peter & Samolis, MattBowed Metal MusicBowed Metal Music /
Bene GesseritMr. 4XQCassette Cultures /
90 Degree SouthOn the Ice-FloeDistant Memory of Home, a /
Vandermark 5Fall to GraceAcoustic Machine /
Mcgregor, Chris/Brotherhood ofMraTravelling Somewhere /
Noah HowardMessage to South AfricaPatterns/Message to South Afri /
Sex MobBlack and Tan FantasyTheatre & Dance /
John ZornErotico (The Burglars)Big Gundown, the /
Ulmer, James BloodSkies of AmericaMusic Speaks Louder than Words /
Nels ClineThe Lung
Angelica /
Ali/Belogenis/MorrisElixirLive at Tonic /
Charles GayleGiftsMore Live /
Tchicai, John/Irene SchweizerWilli the Pig Part 1Willi the Pig /