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Thu Aug 19, 2010 midnight - 6am 
james ferraro / grippers nothers onesers /lamborghini crystalfeed the shadowlive at slimer beach / olde english spelling bee
r stevie moorei love you too muchteenage spectacular /
ariel pinks haunted graffiitibefore today / dazed in dreamsoddities and sodomies vol 1 / vinyl intl
SeamonsterNew EnglandTwo Birds / Gold Robot Records
SeamonsterOh AppalachiaTwo Birds / Gold Robot Records
PantherBurningHow Well Can You Swim / Gold Robot Records
BomarrExchanges Among SystemsDesigned Entropy I / Gold Robot Records
Oneohtrix Point NeverPelham Island Road
Returnal / Editions Mego
Oneohtrix Point NeverWhere Does Time Go
Returnal / Editions Mego

Al QaedaUntitled
Collaborative Works: Mike Watt//Gabe Serbian//Chris Carrico//Occassional Detroit / Scotch Tapes
QueenBody LanguageHot Space / Hollywood Records (Metal)
dan milnerten thousand mjiles awayirishpirate ballads / smithsonan folkways
Maccoll, Ewan, Seeger, Peggy,Blood-Red RosesClassic Maritime Music / Smithsonian/Folkways
songs of norwayi love you songs of norway / columbia
Anne FeeneyWe Just Come To Work Here, We Don't Come To Die
Classic Labor Songs / Smithsonian/Folkways
Tayside Mental HealthCuckoo Ping Ping Green Fairyland
Tayside Mental Health/Ex Cx P / Scotch Tapes
xiphiidaeside bslowing atrium / house of sun
josh burkeside aprana lp / aguirre records
oneohtrix point neverside b zones without people / arbor

sootskin pearlstransitordinance dinerleatherbound bristleworms / rotifer cassettes
sean mccannit never entered my mindfountains / rotifer cassettes
Nick RosenNature's Breath
Into The Sky / Porter Records
josh burkeside bprana / aguirre
Charles MansonBig Iron Door
Sings / Esp
tony ruddmachadynumusic 2000 /