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Wed Dec 01, 2010 6pm - 9pm 
Bernardino FemminielliSide B
La MontaƱa Del Capricornio / Hobo Cult

Martian Church XxForgive Me (Martian Sickness)
Martian Church/Elks / Free Loving Anarchists
ElksAngular Primate
Martian Church/Elks / Free Loving Anarchists
Dimona / Inam Records
Beaks PlinthHey La
Organo Sturado / Gigante Sound
MugstarBeyond The Sun
Lime / Important Records
K.C. AccidentalKev's Message For Charlie
Captured Anthems For An Empty Bathtub + Anthems For The Could've Bin Pills / Arts & Crafts
Clinton MachineWhat
Gettin' Personial / Fluorescent Friends
Rema Remainstrumental, fond affectionsWheel in the Roses / 4AD
GrindermanWhat I Know
Grinderman 2 / Anti, Inc.
LakesFlute Mouth
Cloven / R.I.P Society Records

ScreamCame Without a WarningStill Screaming / Dischord
Ataque FrontalNo Habra PazAtaque Frontal 7" (Re-issue) / Burrito
Channel ThreeManzanarCH3 / Posh Boy
I ObjectThird World WarfareFirst Two Years / Punks Before Profits
CheifsTower 18
This Is L.A. / None
The FixVengeanceAt the Speed of Twisted Thought /
Black FlagI've Got To Run/My Rules7" / SST
Post RegimentKurewskaCzarzly /
Sin-34Children Should Not Be Heard
This Is L.A. / None
Reagan YouthNew AryansCollection of Pop Classics /
IndigestiDoppio ConfrontoObservati Dall'Ingano /
AdolescentsI Hate Children, Who Is WhoAdolescents / Fronteir
Terveet KadetOuto MaaAareton Propaganda / Propaganda
Stains (Mdc)John Wayne Was A Nazi
This Is Not L.A. / None
PaintboxProvided RailroadThe Door EP /
Bomb SquadBomb Squadchildren of war / Bouncing Betty
Bad ReligionAvalonThe Dissent of Man / Epitaph
Social DistortionUnder My Thumb
This Is L.A. / None
SluglordsKnucklehead (Trails Of Slime Ep)
Sluglords Forever! / Self
Jerry's KidzDwi/Insanity
This Is Not L.A. / None
The FeederzJesus
This Is Not L.A. / None
LarmCrucify the PopeExtreme Noise /
The Corporate WhoresHinkley's Brain
Swine Courage / Disillusion Music
Massacre 68Ejercito NacionalNo Estamos Conformes /
Minor ThreatSalad Days
This Is Not L.A. / None
Lotus FuckerSpiral LifePsalms of the Planet /

DischargeFree Speech for the DumbHear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing / Clay
Mad Society(two)You Cant Argue With Sucksess / Mystic
See You In HellSnad ZitraMarket Yourself /
Lost CauseBorn Dead
This Is L.A. / None
Rebel TruthIn the RedRebel Truth / Version Sound
Circle JerksStars and StripesWild In the Streets / Frontier
Husker DuIn A Free Land
This Is Not L.A. / None
GastunkDevils/t 7" /
VoidDehumanizedFlex Your Head / Dischord