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Tue Mar 06, 2012 8pm - 10pm 
Lunar MiasmaImpermanent NatureImpermanent Nature / SicSic Tapes
Lunar MiasmaFull AbsorptionImpermanent Nature / SicSic Tapes
Lunar MiasmaInsight (Gone II)Impermanent Nature / SicSic Tapes
BuchikamashiSide ASuper Mind / SicSic Tapes

Venn RainSide APast Utopia / GoldTimers
Venn RainSide BPast Utopia / GoldTimers

Former SelvesAerialSplit / GoldTimers
Former SelvesWithout FormSplit / GoldTimers
Former SelvesVanishing PointSplit / GoldTimers
Kevin GreensponJambSplit / GoldTimers

Annica / Nada
Kindred / Hyperdub
BurialAshtray Wasp
Kindred / Hyperdub
Holy OtherTouch
With U / Tri Angle
Starry CrownsWhiskley Braid
Aloonaluna / Starry Crowns / Concertina
Cough CoolAnd Nothing Happened
Cough Cool / Debacle Records

J RoccStay Fresh
Some Cold Rock Stuf / Stones Throw
PlanteThe Moon To Guide By Day
Harvest / Fedora Corpse Records
Celestial Realms / Sonic Meditations
Cutler, Chris/Frith, Fred/Dimuzio, Thomas1
Golden State / Rer Megacorp
Chris PottingerDripping Dead
Moist Membrane / Tasty Soil
SlitherEuro Neu-Rot
Euro Neu-Rot / Tasty Soil

This Is... / Everliving Sound