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Thu Apr 12, 2012 midnight - 2am 
From The Mouth Of The SunA Season In Waters
Woven Tide / Experimedia
Date PalmsHoney DuneHoney Devash / Mexican Summer

Black Velvet StereoFire ForestMetal Rain Machine / Sacred Phrases
black Velvet Stereothe red stonemetal Rain Machine / sacred Phrases
black Velvet Stereocold mountainsmetal Rain Machine / sacred Phrases
Windy & CarlLooking Glass
We Will Always Be / Kranky

Element KuudaArchimedean death spiralpolargraph / sacred Phrases
Black Eagle Child / Excavacations Split / Paramita Recordings
A Death CinematicThe New World
New World, The / Simple Box Construction
PlanteUnbroken Communion
Harvest / Fedora Corpse Records
PlanteDamnation Is A Lie
Harvest / Fedora Corpse Records
PortraitsDPortraits / Important