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Tue Nov 10, 2015 midnight - 2am 
E 40LpRappers Ball / Jive/Zomba
ClipseWe got the RemixWe got the Remix / Clipse
Lil WayneDrop It Like Its HotRespect Us / Universal Records(Hiphop)
ScrewballDirtyScrewed Up / Hydra Entertainment
Sound ProvidersThe FieldDope Transmission / Sound Providers
RemedyCleanWhite Boy / Fifth Angel
Rok 1DirtyRokin' It / Swindle Ent
Lil WayneRadioEverything / Universal Records(Hiphop)
Ghetto ConceptLpKrazy World / 7 Bills
Da Great Deity DahTribute to the MajestyTo Take Hip Hop Back / Royal Alchemist
MaseRadioAll I Ever Wanted / Bad Boy Entertainment
Master PRadioGoodbye to My Homies / Priority Records (Hiphop)

New Bermuda / Anti-
KantSunless Saturday
Metaphysik / Wavephase Productions
Panda BearCosplay
Crosswords Ep / Domino Recording Company
DrainolithSame Whip/Same Damage (Borderline Blues)
Hysteria / Nna Tapes
Aphex TwinDiskprept1
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments Pt2 Ep / Warp Records

Adam PacioneSelo / Always
Dobranoc / Elevator Bath
Ricky Eat AcidIn Rural Virginia; Watching Glowing Lights Crawl From The Dark Corners Of The Ro
Three Love Songs / Orchid Tapes