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Thu Dec 10, 2015 9am - noon 
Nights Like TheseEmpty LungsSunlight At Secondhand / Victory Records
BloodletOne and OnlyEntheogen / Victory Records (Hardcore)
HoodsHeroin SickPray for Death / Victory Records (Hardcore)
UndividedLeft to RotUntil Death / self
Wrecking CrewWhy Must They?
1987-1991 / Bridge Nine
FloorpunchNo ExceptionsTwin Killing / Equal Vision Records
TrialIn the BalanceAre These Our Lives? / Equal Vision Records

Land Of The Lost / Self

Another VictimFree in ConstraintEqual Vision Records Label Sam / Equal Vision Records
Ten Yard FightHardcore PrideHardcore Pride / Big Wheel Recreation
TrialReflectionsEqual Vision Records Label Sam / Equal Vision Records
One King DownDefianceEqual Vision Records Label Sam / Equal Vision Records
HatebreedPuritanSatisfaction Is the Death of D / Victory Records (Hardcore)
TragedyThe Intolerable WeightTragedy / Tragedy Records
BreakdownLabeledDissed and Dismissed / Lost and Found Records

TerrorNo One CaresOne with the Underdogs / Trustkill
UnashamedI surrenderUnashamed Demo / self
Union of UranusBelieverCircumstance / The Great American Steak
RuinerBottom Line: Fuck You
Prepare To Be Let Down / Bridge Nine
RuinerThe Lives We Fear
Prepare To Be Let Down / Bridge Nine
Have HeartAbout FaceThings We Carry, The / Bridge Nine
25 Ta LifeBeat Down for Existence (live at Wetlands)Early Days / Back Ta Basics Records
IntegrityForevers HorizonSystems Overload / Victory Records (Hardcore)
In Cold BloodBear no ShameHell on Earth / Victory Records (Hardcore)
In Cold BloodBlood on Our HandsHell on Earth / Victory Records (Hardcore)

Left for DeadPlant the SeedSplitting Heads / Phyte
Left for DeadRipped UpSplitting Heads / Phyte
No Turning BackRise and AshesRise From the Ashes / Bridge 9
Reach the SkyThe Chase Is onSo Far From Home / Victory Records (Hardcore)
Redemption 87At the Hand of Our DiseaseRedemption 87 / New Age Records
Rites of SpringDeeper than InsideEnd on End / Dischord
Poison IdeaShort FuseKings of Punk / Taang! Records (East Cst)
SlapshotChip on my ShoulderGreatest Hits, Slashes, and Crosschecks / Bridge 9
BaneCount Me OutHolding this Moment / Equal Vision Records
BlacklistedCrossed Fingers
We're Unstoppable / Deathwish, Inc.
Rise And FallHarm's Way
Our Circle Is Vicious / Deathwish, Inc.

CapsizeThe Angst in my VeinsThe Angst in my Veins / Equal Vision Records
Code OrangeSlowburn
I Am King / Deadwish Inc.
Counting DaysDie Alne
Liberated Sounds / Mascot Records
Color Clear, The / Eone Music
Haste the DayWorldCoward / Solid State Records
For the Fallen DreamsDream EaterHeavy Hearts / Rise Records
For TodayBreak the CycleFight the Silence / Razor & Tie

His Hero Is GoneHeadless/HeartlessMonuments to Thieves / Prank
HeroinThis TimeHeroin - Gravity 20 / Gravity Records
I Hate Myself...And Keep Reaching for ThoI Hate Myself / No Idea
Cry The MonarchI Never Thought The Silence Could Be So Loud
If I Give Up / Structures//Agony Records
AlexisonfireA Dagger Through the Heart SAlexisonfire / Equal Vision Records
Shai HuludUnlearned (demo)A Comprehensive Retrospective / Revelation Records
As Cities BurnIncomplete is a leechSon, I loved you at your darkest / Solid State Records

New Bermuda / Anti-