Wed Dec 05, 2001 6-9pm 
David BowiePrettiest StarAladdin Star /
W.A.C.O.Chrismas Tree
Game of Cards, a /
TindersticksBloodTindersticks /
Broken HorsePerennial OutsiderLate with Flowers /
TipsyMoisture SeekersUh-Oh /
George HarrisonAll Things Must PassAll Things Must Pass /
Bill HicksGreat Times on Drugs
Philosophy the Best of Bill Hi /
Kitty WellsRelease MeHall of Fame Series /
the Kirby GripsRestraining OrderCherry Stem Concertos, the /
IdahoCarouselLevitate /
Mercury RevNite and Fog
All Is Dream /
the Bitter SpringsUnder the RainbowLittle Darla Vol. 16 /
Big StarHolocaustA Little Big Star /
Red House PaintersMedicine BottleDown Colorful Hill /
The Hues CorporationRock the BoatFreedom For the Stallion /
George HarrisonIts Johnny's BirthdayAll Things Must Pass /
Leon RussellThis MasqueradeCarny /
John ColtraneExpressionsExpressions /
the WitchesThe Robot FamilyUniversal Mall /
WireI Am the FlyIn the Pink /
Chopping ChannelTrack 15
Live @ Dna Lounge /
WobblyVingt RegardsRegards /
Dick GregoryThose Anti-Drug CommercialsCaught in the Act /
Dick GregoryMy Son, The CIA AgentCaught in the Act /
David AxelrodJimmy TDavid Axelrod /
Hudak, John + Jason LescalleetFigure 2.02Figure 2 /
Bob NewhartDefusing A BombThe Buttondown Mind on TV /
Kim HiorthoyPolitiska Dikten AtervanderHei /
[coll]: Angels of (soundtrack)Death Announcements and ...
Angels of the Universe /
Hope Sandoval & Warm InventioLose Me on the WayBavarian Fruit Bread /
The Fairport ConventionSlothFull House /
The Toy DollsYul Brenner Was A SkinHeadTen Years of Toys /
SladeGudbuy T'JaneSlayed? /
MDCJohn Wayne Was a NaziMillions of Dead Cops /
PorchIcebergPorch /
the Blow UpSuicide DoorTrue Noise /
the MakersTattoo for JulieFlying Side Kick - Hom /