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Sun Oct 16, 2016 1am - 2:30am 
ShigetoFirst Saturn Return
No Better Time Than Now / Ghostly International
ShigetoDetroit Part 1
No Better Time Than Now / Ghostly International
ShiftMinus ManModified Times / Blunted Brooklyn Publishing

Nicolas JaarThe Governor
Sirens / Other People
Machine DrumHollis (Remix)
Bidnezz / Merck Records
Perry, Lee "Scratch"Rat Race
Must Be Free / Megawave Corporation
MachinedrumMorphogene Ft. Ruckazoid
Human Energy / Ninja Tune

Doc DaneekaHold On[coll]: Ramp 50 / RAMP Recordings
Jon HopkinsInsides
Insides / Domino
Om UnitEncoded
Elevator Music / Fabric
KinkBitter Sweet (Liebedetail)
Fabric 51: Dj T / Fabric

Jimmy Le MacDeeper (Silversix's Piano Mix)Deeper (Silversix's Piano Mix) / Micropope Records
Spencer K & TrockensaftOn Fire Feat. FrigaOn Fire Feat. Friga / Bla Bla

GiomI Know You Were Right
Juan Maclean Dj-Kicks / !K7 Records Usa
Miguel MigsLose Control Feat. Lisa Shaw
Outside The Skyline / Om Records
Richard EarnshawJoyrideJourneys By Dj - Matar / Journeys By Dj
MachinedrumSurfed Out Ft. Roses Gabor
Human Energy / Ninja Tune

Nicolas JaarHistory Lesson
Sirens / Other People
The Claypool Lennon DeliriumTheres No Underwear In Space
Monolith Of Phobos / Ato Records
The PharcydeLive At Dodger StadiumDelicious Vinyl: 20 Years Fresh Mixxtape / Delicious Vinyl (Hiphop)
A Tribe Called QuestI Left My Wallet In El SegundoPeople's Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm / Jive/Zomba

Noertker's MoxieCurious Worlds: Opening Music
Curious Worlds / Edgetone Records