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Sat Jun 24, 2017 5pm - 7pm 
The TriumphsSurfside Date

HeartwormsReally Really Really Sorry PLittle Darla Vol 01 / Darla Records
Allen Clapp & His OrchestraAdvice From Mr. LearyLittle Darla Vol 03 / Darla Records
the NonpareilsFear of DatingLittle Darla Vol 04 / Darla Records
FriendlyI Am the BombLittle Darla Vol 05 / Darla Records
Routines / Fat Possum Records

Orange Cake MixWings Greatest/The Ballad ofLittle Darla Vol 06 / Darla Records
Valerie Lemercler95CLittle Darla Vol 07 / Darla Records
MirzaBicentennialLittle Darla Vol 08 / Darla Records
Rose MelbergGolden Gate BridgeLittle Darla Vol 09 / Darla Records
Junior VarsityGet Some SleepLittle Darla Vol 10 / Darla Records

Bonny Doon(Crowded)
Bonny Doon / Salinas Records
Sisterhood of Convoluted ThinkSableLittle Darla Vol 11 / Darla Records
StewardCindy TwoLittle Darla Vol 12 / Darla Records
Lali PunaRapariga Da BanheiraLittle Darla Vol 13 / Darla Records
Watoo WatooGold MineLittle Darla Vol 14 / Darla Records
Yakusoku (A Promise)Sisterhood of Convoluted ThsLittle Darla Vol 15 / Darla Records
E*VaxWhat We MeantLittle Darla Vol 16 / Darla Records
Julia HolterHorns Surrounding Me
In The Same Room / Domino Recording Company

Alsace LorraineChalk Marks on the GroundLittle Darla Vol 17 / Darla Records
SaloonFree Fall
Little Darla Vol 19 / Darla Records
AarkticaOut to Sea
Little Darla Vol 20 / Darla Records
LowlightsThe One I Love Is GoneLittle Darla Vol 23 / Darla Records
Keigh CanisiusThe Sea Me, Feel Me
Little Darla Vol 25 / Darla Records

Leon RedboneIf I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
Long Way From Home / August Records
Chastity BeltDifferent Now
I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone / Hardly Art
Brilliant BeastScatter
Jelly / Self-Release