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Wed Nov 26, 2003 9am - noon 
The Dream SyndicateHalloweenThe Days of Wine and Roses / Slash
Miles DavisBlack SatinOn The Corner / Columbia
Marrin HolmesFind Yourself
Bay Area Funk / Luv 'n' Haight Records
Grandmaster Flash`The Message ('97 Dungeon Mix)12" / Sugarhill
Kid KoalaMore Dance Music
Some of My Best Friends Are Dj / Ninja Tune
Themselves Remixed Odd NosdamYou Devil You
No Music of Aiffs, the / Anticon
Chris Clarktrack 13Empty the Bones of You / Warp Records
Mc HonkeyThe Object
I Am the Messiah / Spinart
the Evolution Control CommittSex Re-Education
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Greg BrownThe Poet GameThe Poet Game / Red Rooster
Dixie ChicksGoodbye EarlFly / Monument (Nashville)
Utah Phillips and Ani DifrancAnarchyPast Didn't Go Anywhere, the / Righteous Babe Records
CassetteboyFly Me to New York (FeaturinParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
SprawlDunkel-ZeitenSprawl / Trost
Malcolm XTheres No Such Thing as a nonviolent revolutionWisdom of Malcolm X Disc 1, Th / Black Label, Inc.
William BurroughsA Thanksgiving PrayerDead City Radio / (Unknown)
Great at 8Attack PointGreen Machine / Howes Head Records
David CrossMy Wife's Crazy
Shut Up..(Censored for Radio a / Sub Pop Records
Jello BiafraHellburbiaBecome the Media / Alternative Tentacles
House of Low CultureEdwards Intent
Edwards's Lament! / Neurot Recordings
Noam ChomskyWhy Do They Hate Us
New War on Terrorism, the / Alternative Tentacles
Teachers in Space / Broken Rekids
Manic HispanicMedly (Rodney on the Roq)
Wasted / Byo Records
Pansy DivisionAlpine Skiing
Total Entertainment! / Alternative Tentacles
PapagoSufras Porque Te Quiero
Dancing in the Dust / Blue Bhikku Records
Forcefieldtrack 24
Lord of the Rings Modulator / Bulb Records
Les Georges LeningradLa Premiere
Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou / Blow the Fuse
Wolf EyesMy Recipe Is Lust
Bulb Singles #2 / Bulb Records
People Like UsUrsula Fahrt SkiRecyclopaedia Britannica / Soleilmoon Recordings
the LocustAnything Jesus Does I Can Do
Plague Soundscapes / Anti Inc.
Experimental Dental SchoolKkkfc Serves Sparkily Squirl
Hideous Dance Attack!!! / Independent
Sacramento City College StageLsd '67
Only in America VOL.2 / Arf Arf Records
NnckFlor Yet SlolemnIntonomancy / Independent
Mark EitzelJennyUgly American, the / Thirsty Ear Recordings
Surface of EceyonStolen Wind
Dragyyn / Strange Attractors Audio
the CurtainsSaga
Flybys / Thin Wrist
AnatoliaHousnak Ya Zeyn
Lost Songs of Palestine / Unknown
Healamonster and TarsierHamster Wheel
00:00:01 / Bmi
TipperScrew LooseSurrounded / Myutopia Recordings
Ho AgMontezuma
Equals Go at / Mister Records
Maja RatkjeInsomnia
Voice / Rune Grammofon