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Sat Nov 29, 2003 9pm - midnight 
thee headcoatsevery bit of me7'' / damaged goods
the MassRack of Lamb of God
Mass, the / Whole Enchilada Records
the frogsnow you know you're black7'' / Matador
suckdogkill ralph records7'' / kill ralph
-hot dog on a sticksounds of the american fast food restaurants / planet pimp
screamin' jay hawkinsi put a spell on you7'' / memory lane
the tryfles(had enough of) your lies7'' / midnight
the hatersreflections off trashrot 7'' / apraxia
Les Georges LeningradLollipop Lady
Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou / Blow the Fuse
Surface of EceyonStolen Wind
Dragyyn / Strange Attractors Audio
SunI Don't Mind (Norbert MoslanSun / Staubgold
fuckshotgun (h)oursdouble 7'' / rhesus
NONsolitudesolitude 7'' / mute
neither neither worldgardentales of true crime / alive
Maja RatkjeVoice
Voice / Rune Grammofon
strength through joyrosin dubhthe force of truth and lies / twilight command
Rusty SantosYou Are the GuitarOutside Versus in / Independent
scorpion windneverheaven sent / twilight command
neil hamburgercomedybartender, the laughs on me!!!! 7'' / planet pimp714158
the LocustTeenage Mustache
Plague Soundscapes / Anti Inc.
gaspintravenous solutionwelcome to the cosmos / witching hour
civil disobedienceplanet of the fakesin a few hours of madness 7'' / profane existence
bladder controlexciting/s.o.v.electrocarnivorous 7'' / beef eater
mankindselfish schismsplit 7'' with dirt / tribal war
Lord of the Rings Modulator / Bulb Records
clay wheelsgravity is a memory. A day in the life. fine brown mistsolid gold / none
the ProcessCheap FunWednesday Night Live / Outer a Records
slobberwhen the pope masterbatessplit 7'' with rws / ?
fleshies1,000 wayssplit 7'' with the jocks-playdough ep / s.p.a.m.
Atom SmashersDildo
Drop the Bomb / Rip Off Records
the Little KillersMessin' Around
Little Killers, the / Crypt Records Usa
Place of SkullsNever DieNailed / Southern Lord Recordings
Lustmord (soundtrack)Main Title. Infinite Space
Zoetrope Ost / Nextera