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Wed Dec 24, 2003 8am - 11am 
Southern ScratchRudolph the Red Nosed ReindrChicken Scratch Christmas / Canyon Records Production
CassetteboyGrunderParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
CassetteboyBill Hate FigureParker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
CassetteboyAh Tone, the Brownies!Parker Tapes, the / Barry's Bootlegs
People Like UsWhen I Was Young
When I Was Young / For Us Records
Greg BrownDream onOne Night / Red House Records
Tom WaitsStep right upSmall Change / Asylum Records
Dj SpookyInterlude: Journey Into Soun
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
AdbustersGross Domestic Product
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Ani DifrancoComing Up
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
Baghdad LiveMuslim Chant
Adbusters Live Without / Adbusters
NegativlandTruth In AdvertisingTruth In Advertising / Eerie Materials
Steinski and Mass MediaThe Motorcade Sped on
Illegal Art / Illegal Art
Mr LifSuccessI Phantom / Def Jux
Themselves Remixed Odd NosdamYou Devil You
No Music of Aiffs, the / Anticon
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious FiveThe Message12" single / Sugar Hill Records
Sigue Sigue SputnikLove Missile F1-11(Extended Missile)12" single / Manhatan
Cabaret Voltairecontrol addictSeconds Too Late / rough trade
Tri State Area??-sade coverNothing but the mother fucking hits / <cd-r>
dj /rupturetrack 8Minesweeper Suite / Tigerbeat8
Chris ClarkGob coitusEmpty the Bones of You / Warp Records
PlastikmanPing Pong
Closer / Novamute (Domestic)
Clock D V aDisconsentmentWhite Sould in Black Suits / Contempo Records Dist.
Charles AtlasThe Deadest BarCharles Atlas / Audraglint
Clue to KaloDo You Know that Love Can EnCome Here When You Sleepwalk / Mush Records
WhyEarly WhitneyEarly Whitney Ep, the / Anticon
Danny and the NightmaresNatzi
End Is Near Again, the / Cool Beans Records
Holly GolightlyBlack Night
Truly She Is None Other / Damaged Goods
Anna OxygenPainted Yellow Crown
All Your Faded Things / Cold Crush Records
Kid Koalamore dance music
Some of My Best Friends Are Dj / Ninja Tune
Amon TobinUntitled (Kid Koala & Tobin)Verbal Remixes & Collaboration / Ninja Tune
Amon TobinUntitled (Kid Koala & Tobin)Verbal Remixes & Collaboration / Ninja Tune
the UsLet's Do It Today
Midwest Funk / Jazzman
gravediggerslove's in seasonmove it! / crypt
UsaisamonsterFor Your Love
Tasheyana Compost / Load Records
Kay BrownDaddy, Is Santa Really Six F
American Song-Poem, the / Bar/None Records
Southern ScratchSanta Claus Is Coming to ...Chicken Scratch Christmas / Canyon Records Production
ElectrocuteI Love My Daddy
A Tribute to Your Taste / Emperor Norton