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Wed Jan 07, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
Butthole SurfersComb12" 45 / none
Jimmy FallonDorms, Shower Baskets & theBathroom Wall, the / Dreamworks Records
Nobukazu TakemuraUsineAssembler / Thrill Jockey Records
SpazzSword of the LordCrush Kill Destroy / Slap a Ham
SwansSex, God, SexChildren of God/World of Skin / Young God Records/Sky
Bill HicksThe WarRelentless / Ryko
Throbbing GristleSide ADOA / Mute
Youth of TodayFlame Still BurnsThey're Back / Revelation Records
Channel 3ManzanarCH3 (EP) / Posh Boy
Black FlagBlack Coffee etccassette recording, ca. 1982 / none
Souixsie and the BansheesHelter SkelterMetal Shadows / The Impossible Recordworks
The Gun ClubDevil in the WoodsKeats Rides a Harley / Happy Squid
Meat PuppetsH-ElenoreKeats Rides a Harley / Happy Squid
th Black Keys/The Six Parts 7The Moon (Live)
A Blueprint Split / Suicide Squeeze
Kelly StoltzAre You Electric
Antique Glow / Jackpine Social Club
Ape Has Killed ApeReturn to Canebinol Island
Acid Reflux / True Classical Cds
HickeyCalifornia RedemptionHickey / Go Kustom
Groovie GhouliesPet Sematary
Monster Club / Springman Records
the RamonesI Wanna Be SedatedLoud, Fast Ramones / Sire Records
Corrupted MoralsCorrupted MoralsLookout Records Punk 7 / Lookout Records
the FingerSecret 66We Are Fuck You / One Little Indian
the Manic One Man BandBang on It with An AxePangenitor / Independent
Les Georges LeningradGeorges V
Deux Hot Dogs Moutarde Chou / Blow the Fuse
Lamp Leaking Dead FliesWinter Winter
Your Hand Is Twisting Fires / Mile 329
Dead KennedysHoliday Inn Cambodia, etc etcA Skateboard Party / none (bootleg)
400 BlowsThe Root of Our Nature
Black Rainbow / Rehash Records
Elvish PresleyEvening SongBlack Elf Speaks / Bulb Records
25 SuavesI Love Detroit
Bulb Singles #2 / Bulb Records
the CrumbsDoing Me Wrong
Recess 72 / Recess Records
SwirliesHouse of PancakeBrokedick Car / Taang! Records (East Cst)
Thomas BrinkmannTyranids Vs. Space Wolves 2Sound of Warhammer 40. / Neuton Medien Vertrieb
Terbo TedI'm So Happy (To Be Getting
Shrink Rap / Shag Records
the CurtainsHatching the New Guy
Flybys / Thin Wrist
Erase ErrataHarvesterAt Crystal Palace / Troubleman Unlimited
CulturcideYour Whole LifeHome Made Authority / none
Surface of EceyonFreeing the Winds
Dragyyn / Strange Attractors Audio
David CrossFlying on a Mexican Plane (ashcroft)Shut Up You Fucking Baby / Sub Pop
StereolabI'm Going Out of My WayTransient Random-Noise Bursts with announcements / Duophonic