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Wed Jan 07, 2004 10pm - midnight 
t.rexbang a gong (get it on)electric warrior / universal
Glass CandyLove Love Love
Love Love Love / Troubleman Unlimited
the CrumbsNew Orleans Jamboree
Recess 72 / Recess Records
blonde redheadwaterfake can be just as good / touch and go
swell mapsbig maz in the desertsweep the desert / alive
Erase ErrataCa. ViewingAt Crystal Palace / Troubleman Unlimited
the CurtainsBummer with Cakes
Flybys / Thin Wrist
EsgBam Bam JamLive / Nega Fulo Records
Gravy TrainHella Nervous
Hello Doctor / Kill Rock Stars
crack we are rockour friend sisyphuscosmic mind flight / tigerbeat6
the Sick LipstickPretend I'm Sleeping
Sting Sting Sting / Tiger Style Records
GogogoairheartSomething Else?Gogogoairheart / Vinyl Communications
Daughters!And Then the C.H.U.D.S Came
Canada Songs / Robotic Empire
the Great Redneck HopeGirl, Are You Down with Bact
'splosion / Thinker Thought Records
LiarsNothing Is Ever Lost or CanThey Threw Us in a Trench and / Gern Blandsten
the Scissor GirlsBy Process E-LmnatnHere Is the "Is-Not" / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
DeerhoofWheely Freed Speaks to theMan, the King, the Girl, the / Kill Rock Stars
Stereo TotalMilky Boy BourgeoisMy Melody / Bobsled Records
HellaWho Ray
Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bas / Narnack Records
UnwoundSeen not HeardA Single History / Kill Rock Stars
31 KnotsDarling, I
It Was High Time to Escape / 54 Degrees 40' or Fight!
Crime in ChoirWhere R R Umbrellas
Hoop, the / Frenetic Records
the VanishingLost in Pictures
Songs for Psychotic Children / Gold Standard Laboratorie
ElectrelaneLong DarkRock It to the Moon / Mr. Lady
stereolablaissez faireabc music: radio 1 sessions / koch
Belle and SebastianLord Anthony
Dear Catastrophe Waitress / Rough Trade Records
John LarsenOn An Ice Block
Kismet / Greyday Productions
Josh RitterYou Don't Make It Easy Babe
Hello Starling / Signature Sounds
BrightblackNew Mexico
New Mexico / Galaxia