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Sun May 23, 2004 4pm - 6pm 
LemonheadsHate your friendsHate your friends / TAANG!
Passing Times / Crimethinc
Guyana Punch LineRust and Flame
Direkt Aktion / Prank
Modern MachinesSick of this Conversation
Thwap! / New Disorder Records
VoetsekShithouse Poet
Bay Area Thrash Devast / 625 Thrashcore
BenumbStruggle onSoul of the Martyr / Relapse Records
Peyote CalamitySavage Henry
PeÚ / None
ShotwellMudpileFor the Devil Has His Day / Unknown
Apotheker, the / Blurred Records
Finger PrintSurrenderA Food not Bombs Benef / Inchworm
Allergic to BullshitCards, Palm, WaterWhat We're for Is What We'll / Left Off the Dial #3
the Yah MosYour Best InterestRight on / Sunney Sindicut
Artimus PyleDead in the WombCivil Dead / Prank
Born/DeadPerspectives of Lies that Bl
Our Darkest Fears Now Haunt Us / Prank
Riot-A-Go-GoA Piece of It
A Piece of It / Deviant Records
Ron MilesFinger PalaceMy Cruel Heart / Gramavision
Marc DucretDescription Du TunnelL'ombra Di Verdi / Screwgun Records
What We Live/Lisle EllisParima Among the MountainsWhat We Live Fo(U)R / Black Saint
September Winds & Evan ParkerSagstrio
Alder Brook / Leo Records
Rova :: OrkestrovaAn Alligator in Your Wallet
An Alligator in Your Wallet / East Works Entertainment
Masada String TrioKaret
50TH Birthday Celebration VOL1 / Tzadik Records