Wed Jun 30, 2004 9am - noon 
Henry FlyntAcoustic HillbillyBack Porch Hillbilly Blues vol 1 / locust
Philip Jeck1986Surf / Touch
TsurubamiSeiitenrinengiGekkyukekkaichi / Strange Attractors Audio
Glenn BrancaBad Smells
Lesson No. 1 / Acute Records
Marclay/YoshihideBlood EddyMoving Parts / Asphodel
Mitchell AkiyamaEnfin, Rien Est GagneIf Night Is a Weed and the Day / Sub Rosa
Mike PathosString PlayerPeople / Tzadik Records
Faust Vs. DalekDead Lies
Derbe Respect, Alder / Klangbad
Tod DockstaderSecond Fragment from ApocalypseApocalypse / Starkland
Thumbtack SmoothieMoondoggy
Homestyle / Quaketrap Recordings
Elliott SharpEuwrecka
Velocity of Hue, the / Emanem
University of ErrorsThats How Much I Need You
Jet Propelled Photographs / Cuneiform Records
Limited Express (Has Gone?)Monsters, Inc.
Feeds You / Tzadik Records
the Apes/
Tapestry Mastery / Birdman Records
Mouthustrack 7
Mouthus / Psych-O-Path Records
Dimlaia / Life Is Abuse
An AlbatrossElectric Suits and Cowboy Bo
We Are the Lazer Viking / Ace Fu Records
HolzkopfThe End of the World Evan
This Cd Is An Apology / Dainty Deathy
Pink and BrownFamous AnusKxlu Live Vol 7 / Kxlu
Idiom CreaksHometoen
Room From Another Music / Samplistic Records
Arto LindsayDe Lama Lamina
Salt / Firma/Righteous Babe
Eleni MandellDangerous
Afternoon / Zedtone
National LampoonGymnasty
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
Angel Corpus ChristiIm 18
80S, the / Gulcher Records