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Thu Jul 01, 2004 9am - noon 
Rudd, RoswellJackie-ingMali Cool / Soundscape
Louis SclavisKennedy in Napoli
Napoli's Walls / Ecm Records (Jazz)
John AbercrombieSwirls
Class Trip / Ecm Records (Jazz)
the Vandermark 5Outside Ticket
Elements of Style, Exercises / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
George SchullerPunta D'blues
Jigsaw / 482 Music
Trio Derome Guilbeault TanguyVerone
10 Compositions De Jean Derome / Ambiances Magnetique
Craig TabornPrismatica
Junk Magic / Thirsty Ear Communication
the Rip Off ArtistThe Hot Hot Heat of Fusion
New Clear Days / Inflatabl Labl
Faust Vs. DalekT-Electronique
Derbe Respect, Alder / Klangbad
HolzkopfThe End of the World Evan
This Cd Is An Apology / Dainty Deathy
John ZornPerfume of a Critic's BurninNaked City / Tzadik Records
Electric Masadaidalah-abalElectric Masada / Tzadik
Five Suns / Cuneiform Records
Yume BitsuTrack 4
Golden Vessyl of Sound, the / K Records
BadawiThe CircleClones & False Prophets / Roir
Orinoka Crash Suite20
34 Reasons Why Life Goes on / Tumult
[The User]Track 4Abandon / Asphodel
Mike PathosEnvoyPeople / Tzadik Records
Das Erste Wiener GemuseorchestLetscho 74Gemise / Extraplatte
Ikue MoriLoopsHex Kitchen / Tzadik Records
Ensemble ModernNaval Aviation in Art?
Greggary Peccary & Other Persu / Bmg Music/Rca Records
Parker, Evan Electro-AcousticMemory/Vision Part 7
Memory/Vision / Ecm Records (Jazz)
Jun TogawaAll Tomorrow's PartiesGoodbye 20TH Century / God Ocean
Glenn BrancaLesson no 1 for Electric Gui
Lesson No. 1 / Acute Records
[Coll]: Old Tyme LemonadeWhite Mice-Violence of the L
Old Tyme Lemonade / Hospital Productions
Mitchell Akiyama...Try to ConcealIf Night Is a Weed and the Day / Sub Rosa
Ground ZeroTv-Q MissleNull & Void / Tzadik Records
Thumbtack SmoothieSore Eye Soire
Homestyle / Quaketrap Recordings
Lustmord (soundtrack)Descent
Zoetrope Ost / Nextera
Limited Express (Has Gone?)2X5=10
Feeds You / Tzadik Records
Guitar WolfTeenage UfoJet Generation / Matador Records