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Sun Aug 08, 2004 3pm - 7pm 
Steel Wound / Room 40
Frost...I Lay My Ear to Furious L
Steel Wound / Room 40
Jacques Demierre01Avec / Plainisphare
Gary DibenedettoA Drop in the BucketA Drop in the Bucket / Diversity Music
Wendy AtkinsonNew Terrorism
Trim / Smarten Up! & Get to the
Guido Del FabbroDrimarni
Carre De Sable / Ambiances Magnetique
Eno, Brian/Wobble, JahLeft Where It FellSpinner / Gyroscope
Tim Barsky1Live on Kzsu / Outer a Records
Sekaha Sekar KaryaOverture & BeginningMusic of Indonesia 14 / Smithsonian/Folkways
Ala.Cali.Tucky / Galaxia
Klark KentGuerrillaMore Krypt Tones / IRS
F-SpaceThrough the Night Softly
Preliminary Impact Report / Mobilization
Novo Tono5Panorama Paradise / Creativeman Disc
Climax Golden Twins742676Climax Golden Twins / Fire Breathing Turtle
the GoslingsCelestinePerfect Interior / Asaurus Records
MetaluxAmethyst Dogs
Waiting for Armadillo / Load Records
Resplendent IiWings Beneath the Sills
Wings Beneath the Sills / Independent
Cap'n JazzIn the ClearAnaalphabetapolothology / Jade Tree
Fall of the BastardsIn the Midst of Obsolete
Dusk of An Ancient Age / Intolerant Messiah
Cleveland Bound Death SentenceBaltimore / No Idea
Scholastic DethTime to RockBay Area Thrash Demolition #4 / 625
ShotwellWorld Turned Upside Down
Slow Down Kids! / Snuffy Smile
Navio ForgeWeaponizingAs We Quietly Burn a Hole Into / Shadow Catcher
Crispus AttucksIf not P Then Q...Destroy the Teacher / Soda Jerk Records
AssfortIn JapaneseTitle in Japanese / Prank
Elephant ManHi FoolBay Area Thrash Demolition Volume 4 / 625
We Know You Suck / Alternative Tentacles
Deadbodies EverywhereBullshit LifeBuy a Bullet, Rent a Gun / Showpost Records
Allergic to BullshitPoison PillTrain I Ride / Half-Day Records
MerelWaiting for a Fist Fight FirFlorida Indians Capture Th, th / Gern Blandsten
97624Avoid the 13 / Honest Abe's Custom Recor
976Crime ControlAvoid the 13 / Honest Abe's Custom Recor
DiskontoMen Varfor?A Shattered Society / Profane Existence
Jacob HamWhat You WantI Believe in the Loch Ness Mon / Thrify Records
This Bike Is a Pipe BombBody Counts
Front Seat Solidarity / Plan-It-X Records
Giant Bags of WeedThe QuestionShotwell/Giant Bags of / Half-Day Records
SNFUShe's Not on the MenuAnd No One Else Wanted to Play / Better Youth Organization
DS-13Look Beyond the Youth CrewVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
DS-13Fusible FrontVad Vet Vi Om Kriget? / Deranged Records
SayyadinaNar Jag FallerSolace Denied / Sounds of Betrayal
Bitchin'BargainedNight Life, the Tight Styl, th / No Idea
the DilsClass WarDils Dils Dils / Dionysus/Hell Yeah
Patrick Zimmerli & OcturnDusk
Book of Hours, the / Songlines Recordings
Stephane FuricSong of the Open RoadCrossing Brooklyn Ferry / Soul Note
Joane HetuPerdu L'nordMusique D'hiver / Ambiances Magnetique
Mitchell, Roscoe SextetThe Little SuiteSound / Delmark Records
Borah Bergman with Evan ParkrAscent Through the VortexFire Tale, the / Soul Note
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoOpposite PeopleOpposite People/Sorrow Tears & / Mca Records
Jackie MittooEarthquake
Champion in the Arena: 1976-77 / Blood & Fire Ltd.
Ja-Man All StarsHerb Cutter
In the Dub Zone / Blood & Fire Ltd.
Yabby YouSteppin HighDub It to the Top, 1976-1979 / Blood & Fire Ltd.
Haiku De' TatInstLos Dangerous / Ocean Floor
Pelican CityThe NorthsideRhode Island / December First Records
Black Anger206 Mix Tapes206 Mix Tapes / K Records
Souls of MischiefRadioUnseen Hand / Industry Records
Powers that Be / Hieroglyphics Imperium
BlackaliciousInstPassion / Mca Records (Hip-Hop)
Rob SwiftInstDope on Plastic / Asphodel
Invisibl' Skratch PiklzCleanInvisibl'...Vs Da Klamz Uv / Invisibl Skratch Piklz
Ras KassNature of the ThreatSoul on Ice Radio Selections / Priority Records (Hiphop)