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Sun Aug 22, 2004 4pm - 6pm 
Subarachnoid SpaceThe Harsh Facts of Life
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio
FridgeAphelionEph Reissue / Temporary Residence
Harry PartchDaphne of the DunesWorld of Harry Partch, the / Columbia Records (College
Upsilon AcruxFarbenklang SevenIn the Acrux of the Upsilon... / Accretions
DimlaiaNight Covers Massacre
Dimlaia / Life Is Abuse
A Sleeping IronyA Slap in the Dick
A Sleeping Irony / No Label
Fall of the BastardsPut to Death Ii
Dusk of An Ancient Age / Intolerant Messiah
LudicraAwake to GreyHollow Psalms / Life Is Abuse
Apotheker, the / Blurred Records
NoothgrushHatred for the SpeciesCorrupted/ Noothgrush / Reservoir Records
CruevoTo Kill the DawnCruevo/Brainoil Split / Berserker Records
the Vandermark 5Six of One
Elements of Style, Exercises / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Glenn SpearmanSeed SoundsBlues for Falasha / Tzadik Records
Shiurba, John 5X51.1.2
1.1 = M / Unlimited Sedition
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoCoffin for Head of StateCoffin for Head of State/Unkno / Mca Records