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Wed Aug 25, 2004 6pm - 9pm 
Bryant KongGlass Box
Poetry of Donald R, the / Stuffed Penguin
Bryant KongThe Unknown
Poetry of Donald R, the / Stuffed Penguin
Wainwright, Loudon 3Heaven
So Damn Happy / Sanctuary Records
National LampoonListener Sponsored Radio #1
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
the Blunder ChildrenThe Spider that Turned Into
Blunder Children, the / Water Bear Records
th Knights of the New CrusadeMy Way Is the Highway
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
My Robot FriendPower of LoveWhy Won't You Call Me Back? / Proptronix
Throbbing GristleHamburger Lady
Taste of Tg, the / Industry Records
Cheech and ChongThe Bust/Television MedleyBig Bambu / Ode
Charles HaywardCrying Shame
Switch on War / Sub Rosa
NaggMy My My
Nagg / Dollar Record Records
the Gris GrisNeccesary Separation
Gris Gris, the / Birdman Records
Black Lips!M.I.A
We Did not Know the Forest Spi / Bomp/Voxx/Ubik/Alive
Hearts of DarknessPositive
Music for Drunk Driving / Schematic Music Company
Cobra KillerL.A. Shaker
76/77 / Monika
SuicideGhost Rider
Attempted: Live at Max's / Sympathy for the Record I
the Apes/
Tapestry Mastery / Birdman Records
Luther and TobyHesperian Express
Karny Sutra / Hit Thing
FrostYou, Me and the End of Every
Steel Wound / Room 40
Paula FrazerIdly
A Place Where I Know / Birdman Records
Oren AmbarchiGirl with the Silver Eyes
Grapes From the Estate / Touch
Pj HarveyThe Desperate Kingdom of Lov
Uh Huh Her / Island Records
Burrell, Dave Full Blown TrioCryin' Out Loud
Expansion / High Two
D Boon & FriendsVietnam
Outakes / Self Release
RF7Where Have All the Quaaludes
Addictions & Heartache / Puke N Vomit Records
Neon ManiacsYoung Blades
Cranked Up/Neonmaniacs / Puke N Vomit Records
the Mentally IllStarbeat: Padded Cell
Gacy's Place: the Undiscovered / Alternative Tentacles
Social DistortionMoral ThreatMommy's Little Monster / 13th Floor
Really RedToo Political
Teaching You the Fear / Empty Records
National LampoonGymnasty
Thats not Funny...Thats Sick! / Uproar Records
the AbortedMushroom SunsetMushroom Sunset / Puke N Vomit Records
50 MillionDidley Squat
Bust the Action / Broken Rekids
A Sleeping IronyNo One Sleeps
A Sleeping Irony / No Label
Blut Aus NordInner Metal Cage
Work Which Transforms God, the / Candlelight Records
Venomous ConceptWeirdo
Retroactive Abortion / Ipecac Records
Nattfodd / Century Media
Sunday Morning Einstein'sRaindrops
Kangnave / Prank
Jay DeeFuck Da PoliceDj Rhettmatic Coll. / Up Above Records
Epikurs EuforieLavaggio
Lurking for Pray / None
1349Blood Is the MortarBeyond the Apocalypse / Candle Records
HeadsetBreath Contrails
Spacesettings / Plug Research
Mars11,000 Volts
Complete Studio Recordings, th / G3G Records
ThermoVartans of Swing
Tourinf Inferno / Inoxia
the VulvettesArmored Car
This Is the Science We Believe / Dragnet Records
Boris/Boris at Lasttrack 3Feedbacker / Diwphalanx