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Sun Nov 21, 2004 4pm - 6pm 
Bonfire MadiganTiger
88 / Moon Puss
Kung Fu UsaStars and BarsNeversign / Starcleaners
LemonheadsSneakyvilleHate Your Friends / Taang!
Doggy StyleRookie CopMystic Sampler 2 / Mystic Records
SNFUShe's not on the menu...And no one else wanted to play / BYO
7 SecondsYoung Til I dieThe Crew / BYO
the VoidsForgottenVoids, the / Brass Records
PawnsJust-UsAnd They Thought Anarchy Was B / Bad Monkey Records
MankindUtopian NightmareFinal Warning/Mankind? / Tribal War Records
Castrator Album, the / Six Weeks
Le ScrawlStraight Ahead
Eager to Please / Life Is Abuse
Linsay[ ]*Linsay/Cole Quintet, T / Paracelsius
Fear Is the Path to the DarksiUnglaublich Glaubwurdig
Someday... / Scorched Earth
Heaven Shall BurnOpen Arms to the Future
Asunder / Lifeforce
This Bike Is a Pipe BombThis Is What I Want
Front Seat Solidarity / Plan-It-X Records
MinutemenBob Dylan Wrote Propaganda SongsWhat Makes a Man Start a Fire? / SST
Sacharine TrustSundSurviving you, always / SST
Victims FamilyAnti Satan Song For MomWhite Bread Blues / Mordam
Warlock PinchersDevil Without a PauseDeadly KungFu Action / Boner
GoolooCut It OutGooloo / Super 8
Four Hundred YearsLevel Playing FieldSuture and Other Songs / Lovitt Records
Spirit AssemblyIngestionSpirit Assembly/Car Vs / Yuletide
Navio ForgeYellow and FedAs We Quietly Burn a Hole Into / Shadow Catcher
Car Vs. DriverPeroxideSpirit Assembly/Car Vs / Yuletide
the Fisticuffs BluffIn Order the VisualizeFisticuffs Bluff / Troubleman Unlimited
Artimus PyleDecisionsFucked From Birth / Prank
Look Back and LaughBlank Compliance
Look Back and Laugh / None
HewhocorruptsChecking Mic Marker (Step 1:
Ten Steps to Success / 625 Thrashcore
the [coll]: Punk SoundtrackCheap TragediesPunk Soundtrack, the / Wurmhole Music
El'zabar, Kahil/David MurrayGroove Allure
We Is / Delmark Records
Dawkins, Ernest/New HorizonsMean Ameen
Meen Ameen / Delmark Records
Tony MalabyNo Brainer
Adobe / Sunnyside Communications
Heward, John TrioLet Them Pass Seven
Let Them Pass / Drimala
Joe MorrisDrawn to the MagnetMany Rings / Knitting Factory, the
Golia, Vinny QuintetFor JuliusRazor / 9 Winds Records
Guus Jansson and His OrchestrIncourante
Dancing Series / Geestgronden
Tsahar, Assif/Zoanthropic OrchPart 3 - March 1982
Embracing the Void / Hopscotch Records
Kuti, Fela AnikulapoPower ShowOriginal Sufferhead/I.T.T. / Mca Records