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Wed Jul 06, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
Shame LadyI Know What It's Like
Winter Days Were Nights, the / Rotten Records
Wayne ButaneSpam Purse
Imbalanced / Flaming Canine
Flying Saucer AttackOutdoor MinerOutdoor Miner/Psychic Driving / Domino
Ta Det Lugnt / Subliminal Sounds
Roky EricksonBloody Hammer
I Have Always Been Here Before / Shout! Factory
Crazy World Of Arthur BrownSponteaous Apple CreationThe Crazy World Of Arthur Brown / Track
Chris D./Divine HorsemanTime Stands Still
Time Stands Still (Re-Release) / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
the Flesh EatersNo Questions Asked
No Questions Asked / Atavistic/Truckstop Audio
Redd KrossTatum 'o Tot and the Fried V
Sudden Death / Puke N Vomit Records
25 SuavesTurn Up the Music
I Want It Loud / Bulb Records
UnsaneGot It Down
Blood Run / Relapse Records
NazarethRazamataz'Snaz - Live / A&M
Killing JokeThe WaitFor Beginners / Caroline Records
AmebixFallen From GraceMake Some Fucking Noise! / Arson
BallastFortress North AmericaNumb Again / Ballast Records
No ValueFunk Show
Tomorrow Will Be Worse / Sound Pollution/Mcr
BuzzcocksNoise AnnoysFrench / I.R.S.
Bitch BoysHaftig FredagCOLL: Bloodstains Across Sweden / Redrum
Caustic ChristCan't Relate
Can't Relate / Havoc Records
Fourteen or FightAggressive CollectorFourteen or Fight/Repo / Gloom Records
BathoryThe Return Of Darkness & EvilThe True Black Essence (History) / RS-99
Gogol BordelloMadagascar-Roumania (Tu Jest
East Infection / Rubric Records
Beyond DawnAtmosphereIn Reverie / Eibon
KreTate QuietoRuido Domestico / Musical Mind
Journey (Pre-Steve Perry dood!)Nickle & DimeNext / Columbia
ControllinghandIntercessionLive at Angel's / <No Label Info>
Tim BradyPlaying Guitar: Symphony #1Playing Guitar: Symphony #1 / Dame
Windir1184Valfar, Ein WIndir / Tabu
GASP1-6Drome Triller Of Puzzle Zoo People / Slap-A-Ham
Voi VodBlowerWar & Pain 20th Anniversary Edition / Metal Blade
EsotericLamented DespondencyEsptemological Depsondency / Aesthetic Death