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Wed Sep 28, 2005 6pm - 9pm 
Lumper/Splitter / Self Release
Bill HicksGays in the Military
Philosophy the Best of Bill Hi / Rykodisc
Kiss It GoodbyeSick DayShe Loves Me, She Loves Me not / Revelation Records
Artifically Retarded Soul Care / Evolving Ear
ThermoYoung Master
Tourinf Inferno / Inoxia
Noam ChomskyWhy Do They Hate Us
New War on Terrorism, the / Alternative Tentacles
Anticlock Records Pres / Anticlock Records
I-SoundNuclear WinterMortal Clash / Ambush Records
th Knights of the New CrusadeMy Way Is the Highway
My God Is Alive! Sorry About Y / Gabriel's Trumpet
The Psychic Paramount3
Gamelan Into The Mink Supernatural / No Quarter
David CrossCertain Leaders in Governmet
It's not Funny / Sub Pop Records
Berserker / Paw Tracks
MetaluxSunny Krakow
Victim of Space / 5RC
Hell Hound(On My Trail)Everybody Changes, So Will YChildren's Music for a / Daft Alliance
ElectronicatFlesh + Accessories
Voodoo Man / Indigo
People Like UsIf Someone Touches YouRecyclopaedia Britannica / Soleilmoon Recordings
the Evolution Control CommittSex Re-Education
Plagiarythm Nation / Seeland Records
Throbbing GristleHometimeD.o.A. / Mute
Digger and the PussycatsWorking at a Desk
Watch Yr Back / Spooky Records Australia
the Medea ConnectionWork
Bell Ringer, the / Curve of the Earth
Country TeasersAnytime CowboyCountry Teasers / Matador Records
Heavy TrashWalking Bum
Heavy Trash / Yep Roc
the Sexhamster774008Sexhamster Cd, the / None
the ValleyOn Swallows Nest
Valley, the / The Swingline Records
Young Sex AssassinsNude Bomb
Mister Comp 3 / Mister Records
Squirrel BaitKid Dynamite7" / Homestead
Husker DuReal WorldBlasting Concept / SST
Black Flag etcWhite MinorityThe Decline of Western Civiliazation / Slash
Bad Religion/Channel 3Only Gonna Die/Catholic BoyAmerican Youth Report / Invasion
Party LineCicada Summer
Girls With Glasses / Retard Disco
Touch My RashWasting Life
Little Ep, the / <No Label Info>
School of Etiquette / Alive Records
Red AuntsMy Impala '65Bad Motherfucker 40 Oz / Sympathy for the Record I
Fabulous DisasterRich Bitches in Volvos PissWnl / Outer a Records
the DonnasUnabomberDonnas/Raggedy Anne / Outer a Records
the DonnasGet Rid of that GirlDonnas/Raggedy Anne / Outer a Records
Pretty FlowersScheisse Movie
Pretty Flowers / <No Label Info>
Always Never Again / Touch and Go
Trip Hammers / Anti Music Records
CivetYeah (X 3)
Massacre / Disaster Records