Tue Jan 10, 2006 3pm - 5pm 
CorruptedInactiveCorrupted/ Noothgrush / Reservoir Records
CorruptedEstar En Visperas De UltimoCorrupted/ Noothgrush / Reservoir Records
Endless BlockadeLive
Endless BlockadeBarely LegalTurn Illness Into a Weapon / Sound Pollution
SpazzCamp ChestnutLa Revancha / Sound Pollution/Mcr
ShankGlasgow and Fuck YourselfCoded Messages in Slowed Downs / Deep Six Records
Unreal Never Lived, The / Metal Blade
DarkthroneDet Svortner no
Hate Them / Moonfog Productions
Fear Gave Us Wings / Sound Pollution/Mcr
Man Is the BastardTomb RideD.I.Y.C.D. / Slap a Ham
the MelvinsAt a Crawl
26 Songs / Ipecac Records
Initial StateFeastAbort the Soul / Clearview Records/Selfles
PlutocracyRebirthSniping Pigz / Six Weeks
Kalmex and Riff MerchentsFrank's Rage
King Jakal / West Bay Coalition
Kalmex and Riff MerchentsTable
King Jakal / West Bay Coalition
DevoGates of SteelPioneers Who Got Scalped / Rhino Records
GodfleshAvalanche Master SongGodflesh / Earache (England)
Goat HornRotten Roll
Storming the Gates / Basement Metal
Crossed OutPPracticed Hatred/Pure Delusion/Society/Lowlife/Scapegoat/VacuumCrossed Out/Man Is the Bastard / Slap a Ham
[coll]: Spazz/Lack of InterestMislead and Deranged/Rotgut/Family Massacre/Plastic Armor/Writing on the Wall/NoSpazz/Lack of Interest / Deep Six Records
High On CrimeNo Time For PoetryPour Some Sewage On Me / Six Two Five Thrashcore
Subarachnoid SpaceThe Harsh Facts of Life
Also Rising / Strange Attractors Audio