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KZSU chart for month of February 2011

  1. YOUNG THE GIANT Young The Giant (Roadrunner)
  2. IRON AND WINE Kiss Each Other Clean (Warner Bros.)
  3. SAY HI Um, Uh Oh (Barsuk)
  4. GLASSER Ring (True Panther Sounds)
  5. RATATAT Lp4 (Xl)
  6. SOCIAL STUDIES Wind Up Wooden Hammer (Antenna Farm)
  7. CUT COPY Zonoscope (Modular)
  8. HECKER, TIM Ravedeath, 1972 (Kranky)
  9. BLACK RYDER, THE Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride (Mexican Summer)
  10. GOLD MOTEL Summer House (Self-Release)
  11. RÖYKSOPP Senior (Mb3)
  12. FLYING LOTUS Pattern + Grid World (Warp)
  13. POMEGRANATES One Of Us (Planetary Group)
  14. BARDO POND Bardo Pond (Fire)
  15. SNAKE! SNAKE! SNAKES! Snake! Snake! Snakes! (Modern Art)
  16. PRINCE RAMA Shadow Temple (Carpark)
  17. TAMARYN Waves, The (Mexican Summer)
  18. CINEMA RED AND BLUE Cinema Red And Blue (Cinemadisc)
  19. SOLAR TEMPLE SUICIDES Sentinels Of The Heliosphere (Sleepy)
  20. SAVEKUSF.ORG Savekusf.Org (Savekusf.Org)
  21. INVISIBLE HAND, THE Invisible Hand, The (Funny/ Not Funny)
  22. KIDS OF 88 Just A Little Bit (Dryden Street Ltd.)
  23. BENYARO Good Day Better (Self-Release)
  24. STORNOWAY Beachcomber's Windowsill (4AD)
  25. WOODEN WAND Death Seat (Young God)
  26. NO JOY Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer)
  28. YOUNG EVILS, THE Enchanted Chapel (Self-Release)
  29. LOVANO, JOE / US FIVE Bird Songs (Blue Note)
  30. DEERHOOF Deerhoof Vs. Evil (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  31. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE Fail Forever (!K7)
  32. AGENT RIBBONS Chateau Crone (Antenna Farm)
  33. GROWLERS, THE Hot Tropics (Everloving, Inc.)
  34. MICE PARADE What It Means To Be Left-Handed (Fatcat)
  35. DANGER MOUSE & SPARKLEHORSE & DAVID LYNCH Dark Night Of The Soul (Capitol Inc.)
  36. LICKETS, THE Eidolons (International Corporation)
  37. GET UP KIDS, THE There Are Rules (Quality Hill)
  38. COOK, DAVID Pathway (Bju: Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
  39. CANTU-LEDESMA, JEFRE Love Is A Stream (Type)
  40. INFINITE BODY Carve Out The Face Of My God (Ppm)
  41. SLEEP GOOD Skyclimber (Autobus)
  42. SUNSET Loveshines But The Moon Is Shining Too (Autobus)
  43. PINHAS, RICHARD Metal/Crystal (Cuneiform)
  44. GIANT SAND Blurry Blue Mountain (Fire)
  45. INU Not For Anyone (Vertebrae Music Productions)
  46. BODEGA SYSTEM American Skimtars (Grant's Tomb)
  47. PREMINGER, NOAH Before The Rain (Palmetto)
  49. WILLIAMS, MARTY Long Time Comin' (Inmoonbay)
  50. WASHBURN, ABIGAIL City Of Refuge (Foreign Children)
  51. LICORICE ROOTS Strangers In Marshmallow Boots (Daisi)
  52. ANDERSON, MARISA Golden Hour, The (Self-Release)
  53. FORT WILSON RIOT Predator Prey (Self-Release)
  54. EL TEN ELEVEN It's Still Like A Secret (Self-Release)
  55. UNTIED STATES Instant Everything, Constant Nothing (Distile)
  56. MYSTERY JETS Serotonin (Rough Trade)
  57. MAD PLANET All Elephants (Self-Release)
  58. ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud (Audio Dregs)
  59. MCNEIL, JOHN & BILL MCHENRY Chill Morn He Climb Jenny (Sunnyside Communications)
  60. SURF CITY Kudos (Fire)

  1. ALLURE Pipedreams Ep, The (Self-Release)
  2. DYSFUNKSHUNAL FAMILEE Family Reunion (Narcata)
  3. ALI THE SON OF ABDUL Year Of The Satellite (Bollywood Depiction)
  4. REKS This Or That (Show Off)
  5. CASUAL Here I Am (The C1)
  6. EL DA SENSEI & THE RETURNERS Nu World (Coal Mine)
  7. DJ MUGGS VS. ILL BILL Kill Devil Hills (Fat Ass)
  8. ACTION INCORPORATED Furious (Battlesound Music)
  9. BLACK MILK Black And Brown (Fat Beats)
  10. J LIVE Home Or Away (2 Minute Warning) (Triple Threat Productions)

  1. COLL Angola Soundtrack (Analog Africa)
  2. SEPTETO NACIONAL Sin Rumba No Hay Son! (World Village)
  3. WUST EL BALAD Wust El Balad (Melody Music)
  4. COLL Sound Of Siam, The (Soundway)
  5. KODO Best Of Kodo: 25th Anniversary (Sony Music)
  6. YOSHIDA BROTHERS Move (Domo, Inc.)
  7. NASS EL GHIWANE Assallama (Blue Silver Distribution)
  8. AFROCUBISMO Afrocubism (Nonesuch)
  9. ROUSAN, YAZAN AND AUTOSTRAD Autostrad (Planet)
  10. PRINCE FATTY Supersize (Mr. Bongo)

  1. LOVANO, JOE / US FIVE Bird Songs (Blue Note)
  2. COOK, DAVID Pathway (Bju: Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
  3. PREMINGER, NOAH Before The Rain (Palmetto)
  4. WILLIAMS, MARTY Long Time Comin' (Inmoonbay)
  5. MCNEIL, JOHN & BILL MCHENRY Chill Morn He Climb Jenny (Sunnyside Communications)
  6. MICROSCOPIC SEPTET, THE Friday The 13th (Cuneiform)
  7. BLACK BUTTERFLIES, THE 1 De Mayo (Self-Release)
  9. WEBBER, ANNA Third Floor People (Nowt)
  10. SHELBY, MARCUS ORCHESTRA Soul Of The Movement: Meditations On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Porto Franco)

  2. THOMPSON, BILLY A Better Man (Papa Lee)
  3. BIG JOE AND THE DYNAFLOWS You Can't Keep A Big Man Down (Severn)
  4. KING, ALBERT & VAUGHAN, STEVIE In Session (Stax)
  5. RETRO DELUX Watermelon Tea (Rinkled Rooster)
  6. ROOMFUL OF BLUES Hook, Line And Sinker (Alligator)
  7. FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, THE Fabulous Thunderbirds, The (The Fabulous Thunderbirds)
  8. MASON, JOHN-ALEX Jook Joint Thunderclap (!K7)
  9. HUNT, KELLY Gravity Loves You (88)
  10. STUDEBAKER JOHN Maxwell Street Kings (Delmark)

  1. WASHBURN, ABIGAIL City Of Refuge (Foreign Children)
  2. BYRD, JONATHAN Cackalack (Waterbug)
  3. GARCIA, JERRY ACOUSTIC BAND Ragged But Right (Jerry Made Live)
  4. TUTTLES WITH A.J.LEE, THE Introducing The Tuttles With A.J. Lee (Back Studio)
  5. HOT CLUB OF COWTOWN What Makes Bob Holler (Proper American)
  6. MORLIX, GURF Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream (Rootball)
  7. JACKSON, WANDA Party Ain't Over, The (Nonesuch)
  8. STARLINGS, THE Bright Light (Self-Release)
  9. GREAT RECESSION ORCHESTRA, THE Have You Ever Heard Of Milton Brown (New Tex)
  10. RODRIGUEZ, CARRIE & BEN KYLE We Still Love Our Country (Ninth Street Opus)

  1. GHOST Opus Eponymous (Rise Above)
  2. XBRAINIAX Deprogrammed (To Live A Lie)
  3. DISCIPLES OF CHRIST Demo Ep (To Live A Lie)
  4. ATHRENODY Crazed Development (625 Thrashcore)
  5. MAUSOLEUM Mausoleum (Demo) (None)
  6. TODESKRIEG Miasma Of Noise (None)
  7. MACHETAZO Winters In Osaka 7" (Torture Garden Picture Industries)
  8. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH Show Us The Meaning Of Haste (To Live A Lie)
  9. WINO Adrift 12" (Volcom Entertainment)
  10. COLL Small Doses (Mortville Noise)

  1. FLYING LOTUS Pattern + Grid World (Warp)
  2. ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud (Audio Dregs)
  3. COLL New York Tropical (Dutty Artz)
  4. 813 Back In Space Jungle (Rad)
  5. CLUBFEET Gold On Gold (Plant)
  6. MELODIUM Cerebro Spin (Audio Dregs)
  7. TWINKRANES Spektrumtheatresnakes (Finders Keepers)