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KZSU chart for month of March 2011

  1. AKRON/FAMILY S/T Ii: The Cosmic Birth & Journey Of Shinju Tnt (Dead Oceans)
  2. HECKER, TIM Ravedeath, 1972 (Kranky)
  3. SAVEKUSF.ORG Savekusf.Org (Savekusf.Org)
  4. BRIGHT EYES People's Key, The (Saddle Creek)
  5. CUT COPY Zonoscope (Modular)
  6. BATHS Cerulean (Anticon)
  7. STEREOLAB Not Music (Duophonic Ultra High Fs)
  8. TELEKINESIS 12 Desperate Straight Lines (Merge)
  9. FUJIYA & MIYAGI Ventriloquizzing (Yep Roc)
  10. IRON AND WINE Kiss Each Other Clean (Warner Bros.)
  11. CANTU-LEDESMA, JEFRE Love Is A Stream (Type)
  12. BLAKE, JAMES James Blake (A&M)
  13. PURO INSTINCT Headbangers In Ecstasy (Mexican Summer)
  14. FITZ & THE TANTRUMS Pickin' Up The Pieces (Dangerbird)
  15. YOUNG THE GIANT Young The Giant (Roadrunner)
  16. DANGER MOUSE & SPARKLEHORSE & DAVID LYNCH Dark Night Of The Soul (Capitol Inc.)
  17. KIDS OF 88 Just A Little Bit (Dryden Street Ltd.)
  18. DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, THE Orders From (Self-Release)
  19. ROSE, FRANKIE AND THE OUTS Frankie Rose And The Outs (Slumberland)
  20. SLEEPING IN THE AVIARY Great Vacation (Science of Sound)
  21. MASHROU' LEILA Mashrou' Leila (B-Root Productions)
  22. MYSTERY JETS Serotonin (Rough Trade)
  23. SISTERS Ghost Fits (Narnack)
  24. BRITISH SEA POWER Valhalla Dancehall (Rough Trade)
  25. SAY HI Um, Uh Oh (Barsuk)
  26. WASHBURN, ABIGAIL City Of Refuge (Foreign Children)
  27. COLL Mosaic Volume I (Exit)
  28. JAAR, NICOLAS Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company)
  29. IS/IS This Happening Ep (Guilt Ridden Pop)
  30. BENYARO Good Day Better (Self-Release)
  31. TIRED PONY Place We Ran From, The (Mom + Pop)
  32. POSIES, THE Blood/Candy (Rykodisc)
  33. RÖYKSOPP Senior (Mb3)
  34. FLYING LOTUS Pattern + Grid World (Warp)
  35. DUNITES, THE Driftwood Demos (Diy Release)
  36. GAELIC STORM Cabbage (Lost Again)
  37. DEAR, MATTHEW Black City (Ghostly International)
  38. INFINITE BODY Carve Out The Face Of My God (Ppm)
  39. DEERHOOF Deerhoof Vs. Evil (Polyvinyl Record Co.)
  40. REYNOLDS, GRAHAM / GOLDEN ARM TRIO Duke! Three Portraits Of Ellington (Innova)
  41. TELEPATHIQUE All Your Lovers (Control Group)
  42. CLUBFEET Gold On Gold (Plant)
  43. BROEMEL, CARL All Birds Say (Ato)
  44. POMEGRANATES One Of Us (Planetary Group)
  45. HONEST TO GOODNESS Honest To Goodness 12" (Fedora Corpse)
  46. Q.E.D. Yet What Is Any Ocean... (Origin)
  47. BECK, JEFF Rock 'n' Roll Party Honoring Les Paul (Atco)
  48. DUM DUM GIRLS He Gets Me High (Sub Pop)
  49. WALKING SLEEP Measures (Self-Release)
  50. LANER, BRAD Natural Selections (Hometapes)
  51. INVISIBLE HAND, THE Invisible Hand, The (Funny/ Not Funny)
  52. WOLF & CUB Science And Sorcery (Last Gang)
  53. AUTHORS APOLOGY Better Left There (The Gospel Of Rhythm)
  54. LICKETS, THE Eidolons (International Corporation)
  55. MY PET GOAT Sköldmö (Self-Release)
  56. BROKEN RECORDS Let Me Come Home (4AD)
  57. COLL Sound Of Siam, The (Soundway)
  58. JACKSON, WANDA Party Ain't Over, The (Nonesuch)
  59. FIVE O'CLOCK HEROES Different Times (Glaze)
  60. FERRARO, JAMES Pixarni (Muscleworks Inc.)

  1. CURREN$Y Roasted (Dd172 New York)
  2. FOUL MOUTH JERK Back Up On The Scene (Foul Mouth Jerk)
  3. TALIB KWELI Palookas (!K7)
  4. ALI THE SON OF ABDUL Year Of The Satellite (Bollywood Depiction)
  5. DYSFUNKSHUNAL FAMILEE Family Reunion (Narcata)
  6. EVIDENCE World , The (Rhymesayers Ent)
  7. JAY ELECTRONICA Shiny Suit Theory (Roc Nation)

  1. MASHROU' LEILA Mashrou' Leila (B-Root Productions)
  2. COLL Sound Of Siam, The (Soundway)
  3. WUST EL BALAD Wust El Balad (Melody Music)
  4. KODO Best Of Kodo: 25th Anniversary (Sony Music)
  5. COLL Riddim Box: Excursions In The Uk Funky Underground (Soul Jazz)
  6. ROUSAN, YAZAN AND AUTOSTRAD Autostrad (Planet)
  7. COLL Roots Uprising - A Journey Through Uk Reggae, Dub & Dubstep (Reggae Roast)
  8. MAHLASELA, VUSI Say Africa (Ato)
  9. YOSHIDA BROTHERS Move (Domo, Inc.)
  10. CUBAN COWBOYS Diablo Mambo (Self-Release)

  1. REYNOLDS, GRAHAM / GOLDEN ARM TRIO Duke! Three Portraits Of Ellington (Innova)
  2. Q.E.D. Yet What Is Any Ocean... (Origin)
  3. PLUNGE Tin Fish Tango (Immersion)
  4. FUJIWARA, TOMAS & THE HOOK UP Actionspeak (482 Music)
  5. WALLACE, WAYNE / LATIN JAZZ QUINTET To Hear From There (Patois)
  6. NORDIC CONNECT Spirals (Artistshare)
  7. MCCASLIN, DONNY Perpetual Motion (Greenleaf Music)
  8. CLINE, NELS SINGERS Initiate (Cryptogramophone)
  9. ARRIALE, LYNNE Convergence (Motema Music)
  10. KREISBERG, JONATHAN Shadowless (New For Now)

  1. MACLEOD, DOUG Brand New Eyes (Reference)
  2. MARR, ANDREA Little Sister Got Soul (Blue Skunk Music)
  3. COLL Alligator Records 40th Anniversary #1 (Alligator)
  4. MASON, JOHN-ALEX Jook Joint Thunderclap (!K7)
  5. BIG JOE AND THE DYNAFLOWS You Can't Keep A Big Man Down (Severn)
  6. COLL Allligator Records 40th Anniversary #2 (Alligator)
  7. GRANA LOUISE Gettin' Kinda Rough (Delmark)
  8. GREBB, MARTY High Steppin' (Self-Release)
  9. COLL Walkin' Blues:(Disc 1) 15 Years From Mountain Top Productions (Mountain Top Productions)
  10. JOHNSON, DONALD RAY It's Time (Mar Vista Music)

  1. WASHBURN, ABIGAIL City Of Refuge (Foreign Children)
  2. JACKSON, WANDA Party Ain't Over, The (Nonesuch)
  3. ARI & MIA Unruly Heart (Self-Release)
  5. ABBOTT, LUKE Take Me Home (Abbott Family Music)
  6. PEEPLES, GRANT Okra And Ecclesiastes (Gatorbone)
  7. CARLL, HAYES Kmag Yoyo (Lost Highway)
  8. GARCIA, JERRY ACOUSTIC BAND Ragged But Right (Jerry Made Live)
  9. TUTTLES WITH A.J.LEE, THE Introducing The Tuttles With A.J. Lee (Back Studio)
  10. FURTADO, TONY Golden (Funzalo)

  1. MOTÖRHEAD World Is Yours, The (Emi)
  2. WINO Adrift 12" (Volcom Entertainment)
  3. MAUSOLEUM Mausoleum (Demo) (None)
  4. DISCIPLES OF CHRIST Demo Ep (To Live A Lie)
  5. GHOST Opus Eponymous (Rise Above)
  6. ROTTEN SOUND Cursed (Relapse)
  7. SEXY POLICE Sexy Police (7" Ep) (Self-Release)
  8. TODESKRIEG Miasma Of Noise (None)
  9. COLL Small Doses (Mortville Noise)
  10. BURIED AT BIRTH Demo (Self-Release)

  1. BATHS Cerulean (Anticon)
  2. COLL Mosaic Volume I (Exit)
  3. JAAR, NICOLAS Space Is Only Noise (Circus Company)
  4. FLYING LOTUS Pattern + Grid World (Warp)
  5. CLUBFEET Gold On Gold (Plant)
  6. TWINKRANES Spektrumtheatresnakes (Finders Keepers)
  7. COLL New York Tropical (Dutty Artz)
  8. ROTFLOL Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud (Audio Dregs)
  9. TZOLK'IN Tonatiuh (Ant-Zen)
  10. 813 Back In Space Jungle (Rad)