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KZSU chart for the week ending February 4, 2024

  1. CLIENTELE, THE I Am Not There Anymore (Merge)
  2. OSEES Intercepted Message (In the Red)
  3. FACS Still Life in Decay (Trouble In Mind)
  4. STEVENS, SUFJAN Javelin (Asthmatic Kitty)
  5. BABES IN CANYON Year to Live (Self Release)
  6. WILD NOTHING Hold (Captured Tracks)
  7. FÖLLAKZOID V (Sacred Bones)
  8. SKYWAY MAN Flight Of The Long Distance Healer (Mama Bird Recording Co.)
  9. RAJA KIRIK Phantasmagoria of Jathilan (Yes No Wave)
  10. SUN JUNE Bad Dream Jaguar (Run For Cover)
  11. EARLY JAMES Strange Time To Be Alive ('a')
  12. SAN KAZAKGASCAR Too Many People (Lather)
  13. ARMAND HAMMER We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (Fat Possum)
  14. LLOYD, CHARLES Chapel (Blue Note)
  15. MACHINE WOMAN When Elegance Becomes Violence (Delsin)
  16. STRETTON, HANA Soon (Brierfield Flood Press)
  17. ELUVIUM (Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality (Temporary Residence Ltd.)

  1. ARMAND HAMMER We Buy Diabetic Test Strips (Fat Possum)
  2. MC YALLAH Yallah Beibe (Nyege Nyege Tapes)

  1. HEDZOLEH SOUNDZ Hedzoleh Soundz Remixes (Meakusma)

  1. LLOYD, CHARLES Chapel (Blue Note)

  1. DIG 3 Damn the Rent (Dig Three)
  2. NEMETH, JOHN May Be the Last Time (Nola Blue)
  3. GOLDWASSER, FRANCK L. Who Needs This Mess (Cross Cut)
  4. MOSS, NICK Get Your Back Into It (Alligator)
  5. SMITH, MARCEL From My Soul (Little Village Foundation)
  6. IVORY, CANDICE When the Levee Breaks (Little Village Foundation)
  7. GREENWELL, SMOKY Blues for Democracy (Greenwell)

  1. CILKER, MARGO Valley Of Heart’s Delight (Fluff & Gravy)
  2. KALLICK, KATHY BAND Lonesome Chronicles, The (Live Oak)

  1. FÖLLAKZOID V (Sacred Bones)
  2. RAJA KIRIK Phantasmagoria of Jathilan (Yes No Wave)
  3. JAMES, LORAINE Gentle Confrontation (Hyperdub)
  4. KOURTESIS, SOFIA Madres (Ninja Tune)
  5. DURÁN, LUCA Pa' Bailar (Tratratrax)
  6. DJ 3000 MezeĢˆ (Motech)
  7. SOTO, ISAAC Ilusiones Necesarias (También)
  8. GLO PHASE Hidden Harbor (Low)
  9. WADE, RICK My Soul (Low)
  10. GZARDIN RM12021 (R.A.N.D. Muzik)
  11. WORKS OF INTENT Richer Sound (Cod3 QR)
  12. WINEMAKER Cold Water (Self-Release)
  13. WATSON, MARSHALL Foothills (NuNorthern Soul)
  14. JUNEUNIT Boskage (Silva Electronics)
  15. PLETNEV And You Never Come Back EP (R.A.N.D. Muzik)

  1. BEETHOVEN, LUDWIG VAN A Beethoven Odyssey (Sonatas Nos. 30, 31, 32; James Brawn, Piano) (Msr Classics,)
  2. FRKSE Desecration Anxiety III 12" (Divergent Series)
  3. NORIEGAS, THE Crosby, Stills & Noise (Self-Release)