Todd, Maylee / Maloo
Album: Maloo   Collection:General
Artist:Todd, Maylee   Added:Jul 2022
Label:Stones Throw  

Album Review
Reviewed 2022-07-25
Eclectic dream pop. Fascinating collection of “science fiction lullabies” recorded by Maylee Todd, inspired by her journey while designing virtual reality experiences. The album’s namesake, Maloo, is Todd’s digital avatar, who exists in a nurturing futuristic utopia structured around health and positivity. This album is really unique and has plenty of varied elements, from lounge, to hyperpop, to gentle bossa nova, so there should be something for everyone. Plus, it’s on Stones Throw Records, so you know it’s going to be worth it.

RIYL: Solange, Jenny Hval, Moonchild, Little Dragon
TRY: 2, 1, 6, 4, 9

(1.) (3:43) Gentle fluttering beat. Slow lullaby vocals. Lucid dreaming
(2.) (2:31) Bouncy, aqueous beat with smooth vocals. Nice keyboard elements add a touch of funk.
(3.) (3:02) Synthy hiccupping beat.
(4.) (3:27) Lush freefall. Great melodies and existential lyrics over a mid tempo beat.
(5.) (1:55) Short twinkly interlude with layered humming. Serene.
(6.) (3:45) Shimmery, sugar-sweet love ballad. Smooth vocals and a sultry beat.
(7.) (2:08) pint-sized instrumental.
(8.) (3:14) Skippy beat, longing lyrics.
(9.) (3:44) Loungy, drifting off to sleep.
(10.) (1:39) Flutey, tropical instrumental.
(11.) (3:00) Deep space ballad. Stripped down gentle crooning with a few blips here and a few blips there.

Track Listing
1. Age of Energy   6. No Other
2. No Classification   7. Tiny Chiffon
3. Grab Your Guts   8. Show Me
4. Infinite Program   9. Dream With You
5. Triangles   10. Fanatic
  11. Absolute Time and Space