Kły / Cienie
Album: Cienie   Collection:General
Artist: Kły   Added:Oct 2022
Label: Pagan Records  

Album Review
Reviewed 2022-10-01
Moody mid-tempo metal music from Poland. Their sound is somewhere between black metal and post-metal. Growled Polish vocals, synths, organ, and spoken vocal sections weave in and out of the gloomy epic metal music. All but the last song start with horror-movie-esque samples.

Track 1: (6:51) Starts with a sample of an echoey voice, then metal guitars begin slowly building. Growling vocals enter, spaced appart, giving it a mid tempo feel. At five minutes, a new soaring guitar line comes in and the vocals turn into whole sentences.

Track 2: (4:21) Opens with faint squeals and a distant organ sound. Guitars come in, closer to hard rock style, then spoken vocals and a layer of metal guitars enter. A slow wistful vibe to the track. Double bass drums build, ends with a synth fading out.

Track 3: (7:31) Begins with faint moaning and more distant organ. Then bass guitar kicks in over synth and guitars. More spoken vocals mixed in with the growls. 80s synth prominent throughout. FALSE STOP at 2:36, then blippy synths slowly build starting at 2:45, followed by crushing guitars. The crushing guitars come and go, giving the last few minutes some quiet-part/loud-part dynamics.

Track 4: (9:02) Faint scream and echoey spoken words over distant vocals, into drums over synths and a slow bass line. The spoken vocals build. Crushing guitars come in at 2:45 along with growled vocals. Crushing guitars fade out around 4:20, revealing synth, bass, and a plodding guitar line, followed by more spoken vocals. Crunchy guitars come in at around 6:15.

Track 5: (5:24) Starts with an echoey vocal dialog. Jumps right in to yelled vocals over post metal guitars and frantic drums. Tempo drops around 3 minutes in and spoken vocals enter. Ends with epic guitars and synths.

Track 6: (3:47) Starts with acoustic guitars, drums join, then spoken vocals, then synths join. Stays quiet throughout

Track Listing
1. Zbarwi   4. Letarg
2. Islga   5. Zagnanie
3. Niek​ł​anie   6. Wietrznia