Negativland / Speech Free
Album: Speech Free   Collection:General
Artist:Negativland   Added:Feb 2023
Label:Seeland Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2023-02-15
Sprawling double-album of sound collages put together by local copyright pranksters and culture jammers extraordinaire, Negativland. Branded as “usable speech-free library music,” this instrumental album pokes fun of their previous work (and the whole “background music” phenomenon) by excluding any of the (unauthorized) vocal samples that brought them notoriety. A treasure trove of interesting samples and electronic textures–much of it whimsical, some of it more "academic" and measured. All tracks FCC Clean.
RIYL: Matmos, Cluster, Lucky Dragons, Black Dice, Audio Dregs Records
TRY: 1, 3, 4, 8, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26

(*1.) (4:22) Chopped up phone ringtones and dial up noises over a plodding beat
(2.) (4:31) Mechanical squealing, garbled synth
(*3.) (4:08) Murmury almost-vocals over a smooth robotic beat with odd blips
(*4.) (2:46) Ominous, rumbling, with distorted animal noises
(5.) (3:13) Slow and spacey. A bit of a Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots vibe
(6.) (2:37) Peaceful and relaxing spa music
(7.) (3:16) Haunting with gurgling sounds
(*8.) (4:41) Quasi hyper-pop with squelchy blips and a ringing beat
(9.) (4:02) Chopped up vocal samples, kids cheering, squeaky dog toys, ewok chatter. Classic Negativland
(10.) (3:33) Skippy ambient electronica
(11.) (2:01) Stuttering piano, ambient washes
(12.) (12:19) Slow burner: longform drone that morphs into a kaleidoscopic gameshow party anthem then back to drone. Watch the volume–the drone parts are v quiet
(13.) (3:55) Glitchy and frenzied
(14.) (4:30) Blustery blips and bloops with varied percussion
(15.) (0:38) Short, warbly, sci-fi ditty
(16.) (4:49) Slow-building futuristic Stomp number
(*17.) (3:20) Ethereal and woozy
(18.) (5:40) Chugging deconstructed trap beat with robot effects
(19.) (1:33) Deep distorted vocals over a wash of synth. Blue-whale-core
(*20.) (4:11) Chopped and screwed children’s music. Lots of squeaky dog toy effects, handclaps, and even rockabilly guitar riffs (??) Weird
(21.) (2:13) Guitar stabs, elevator noises, and blended vocals over a 2010s hiphop beat
(*22.) (1:59) Video game samples and a kind of jangly Baltimore club beat
(23.) (2:22) Slow piano and flute duet with gentle fluttering effects
(*24.) (8:09) Sparse low-end beat
(25.) (3:17) More twisted dance music. Lots of radar pings and computer crash noises
(*26.) (5:18) Staccato modern classical piece with great a great symphonic feel
(27.) (6:41) Breakbeat with gentle piano and violin. Another nice abstract classical number
(28.) (1:33) Static and silence

Track Listing
1. There Is No Planet   15. Let's Just Ship It
2. Is It Or Isn't It?   16. Breathe In Breathe Out
3. Square Shaped Clouds   17. A Portal Of Sorts
4. Live At Sea   18. Algorithmic Me
5. What Is The Problem   19. The Real Punishment
6. Building And Raising   20. No Excuse
7. I Love Bees   21. A Couple Of Milliseconds
8. Nothing Is Destroyed   22. Death Is Optional
9. Enjoying Life   23. A Big Mistake
10. Don't Trust Your Memory   24. They're The One
11. Believe What You Can   25. Tape The Pain In Place
12. Loop Forever   26. Every Song Ever Created
13. Participate   27. No Wonder
14. More Than One Answer   28. Oh