Firstlin3 / ⛧PARANOIA STAR⛧
Album: ⛧PARANOIA STAR⛧   Collection:General
Artist:Firstlin3   Added:Mar 2023
Label:Drowned by Locals  

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4. May 29, 2023: I Like to Dance: Shake Off Your Pants
DDS (Feat. Adios Adios), A⛧Rian a⛧G Rand⛧E (Feat. Decade)
2. Jun 10, 2023: Virtually Happy
Toor (Feat. Illfeel)
5. Apr 29, 2023: Virtually Happy
Frog in a Well (Feat. Frost.Y)
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Lostboy (Feat. Yayoyanoh)
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Revivir (Feat. ÉPona)

Album Review
Reviewed 2023-03-23
Global hyperpop anthems for when everything bubbles over. A hard-hitting mixtape sizzled and seasoned by a multitude of collaborators spanning Spain, Egypt, the UK, and sent to us directly from our friends at Drowned by Locals in Amman, Jordan. One of the most “internet” (and freshest) sounding albums I’ve heard in a while. The great thing about KZSU is that it puts you directly in the sightlines of projects like this, which can sneak up on you out of nowhere. Lyrics sang/rapped in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Arabic, production ranging from turn of the century Pharrell and Alice Deejay to cloud rap and modern trance/happy.

Bladee fans rejoice, this one is definitely for you, (as well as Drain-adjacent affiliates, Mechatok, etc.) artists that love using alt3rnat3 sp3ll1ngs, and inhabitants of the bleary corners of the internet housing Hi-C, Drixxo Lords, and Gab3.

FCC: 4, 12
TRY: 2, 1, 5, 10, 9

*1. Floaty cloud rap intro. Euphoric key changes and really cool washes of sound effects
*2. Amazing skippy cloud rap with dancehall vocals courtesy of yayoyanoh and great splashy synth elements
3. Bouncy, busy with melodic autotuned crooning, great percussion
4. (FCC) Heavily treated growled vocals, aggressive, transitions to indecipherable squeals
*5. Gyrating trance anthem with Spanish vocals slathered in autotune. Poppy and catchy
6. Funky, breezy minimal rap with a bit of a west coast twist
7. Blown-out Arabic trap
8. Short murmur interlude
*9. Floaty Spanish cloud rap
*10. Heavenly autotune pop in Portuguese
11. Syrupy autotune vocals and a deep resonating beat
12. (FCC) Melancholic very annunciated rap over a futuristic, metallic beat
13. Dubby with submurged vocals. Spooky, haunted house vibe with a bit of chiptune and great wandering synthlines

Track Listing
1. Look Me in My Eyes (Feat. Frost.Y)   7. Toor (Feat. Illfeel)
2. Lostboy (Feat. Yayoyanoh)   8. Nyx Interlude
3. Und3ad (Feat. ÉPona)   9. Revivir (Feat. ÉPona)
4. Got a Friend at Last / Codeine (Feat. Adios Adios)   10. NãO Quero (Feat. Nigiri Ice)
5. A⛧Rian a⛧G Rand⛧E (Feat. Decade)   11. Frog in a Well (Feat. Frost.Y)
6. DDS (Feat. Adios Adios)   12. Bound (Feat. ID)
  13. Madrid Babylon