Sunlore / Sunlore
Album: Sunlore   Collection:General 12"
Artist:Sunlore   Added:Mar 2012
Label:Cream Of Turner  

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Add Date: 2012-04-21 Pull Date: 2012-06-24 Charts: Classical/Experimental
Week Ending: Jun 10 May 6 Apr 29 Apr 22
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Recent Airplay
1. Jul 02, 2012: Bridal Moments
Night Strides, July 10, U.S.F. Red Star, Before The Afterglow
4. May 04, 2012: Lost Verses
Gold Lyre
2. Jun 09, 2012: The Mongrel's Stoop
November 20, Grass
5. May 03, 2012: maximum entropy thursday
July 10, U.S.F. Red Star, Around The Field, Before The Afterglow
3. May 05, 2012: The Mongrel's Stoop
Gold Lyre, Sunlore
6. Apr 27, 2012: Lost Verses
November 20, Grass

Album Review
Reviewed 2012-04-18
These guys sent us their record in a custom-made fuzzy box. The record itself is also quite fuzzy, so to speak: Distant echoing guitar, a schizophrenic casio keyboard , occasional vocals and other loops of pretty sounds all coalescing into gorgeously lo-fi collages, ranging from cosmic blissful drone to distorted, manic psychedelia. These freeform snippets of bored (but not boring), zoned-out songs sound like they were unearthed from a tape that the band recorded live to 2-track and left buried in a graveyard for twenty years... Overall a gorgeous work of art! Late-night DJs will adore this but resent the brevity of the individual tracks. (Well, fuck it—play ‘em all.)
RIYL The Books, Jared Blum, Cough Cool, Human Host

Side A
1. Fractured synthy weirdness with echo-drenched vocals. Cough Cool goes synthy dance/funk
2. Lighthearted, looped and fractured piano ditty with some rattling percussion
3. Wandering, aimless notes on a broken piano; very brief.
4. Plodding psychedelic beat over some electric whale calls, thumping percussion, distant chanting, and other echoing basement weirdness
5. Brief skronking from indistinguishable instruments
6. ***Some dissonant nocturnal arpeggios slowly emerge from what sounds like a broken autoharp, echoing ad infinitum over some low rumbling cave echoes and sludgy bass.
7. Another brief snippet, a floating bass ostinato with some lush and distant guitar harmonies
8. *** Gentle meditative percussion with some haunting piano that gets increasingly wild and bizarre, with even some alien rayguns joining in.
9. Hovering, foreboding ambient resonating; some eerie basement thuds later on, fades into…
10. Light but creepy guitar tones hover and crescendo; very brief.

Side B
1. Another brief one; some light guitar harmonies over robotic frog croaking.
2. Clanging, clonking, plunking cacophony. The twin brother your parents secretly kept in the attic has escaped and discovered guitars, as well as silverware percussion.
3. ***A guy who took too much Xanax attempts to play ragtime piano, but soon the ghosts that haunt his house begin a whispering ritual chant
4. Lethargic and repetitive synth chords with some plodding percussion from a broken toy drumkit.
5. Sad keyboard lullaby with drunken drums
6. ***Maybe this is what jazz guitar records would sound like when you’re drowning in a bathtub after overdosing on something you did not obtain with a legal prescription
7. Strange buzzing and babbling tape loops with some half-melodies played on a broken string instrument that could or could not be bass.
8. Haunted organ/synth from another dimension
9. Pretty but distorted. Some twinkling bells, maybe guitar.

Track Listing
1. Crowded Bug   10. The Occultation
2. Shining Brightly   11. Before The Afterglow
3. 32, 010125   12. July 10, U.S.F. Red Star
4. Electromagnetic On Yellow   13. Night Strides
5. 010712   14. Around The Field
6. Someone's Eye   15. Halloween
7. I Loved You   16. November 20, Grass
8. Shimmer Rock   17. Two Telephones
9. Yellow Spraypaint On Gold   18. Gold Lyre
  19. Sunlore