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Album Review
Reviewed 2012-05-31
Artist: Lux Album: We Are Not the Same
Reviewed 5/31'12 by Rex
Genre: Noise Rock, alternative rock, indie rock, (post punk?)
RIYL: Sonic Youth, Blondie, New Order, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground, Pavement, Yuck
In summary: Lux’s debut album, We Are Not The Same, showcases a talented duo act still in the midst of growing pains. The album bounces around between dancey electronics, raucous guitar sounds, and ethereal vocal lines (Blondie’s female vocal style/Droning male vocal reminds me of Lou Reed). A lot of fuzzed-out guitar and distorted effects throughout the whole album. Much like a combination of Blondie and Sonic Youth. Many moods for every song (it's easy to see that Lux want to be a bit of everything to everyone).
FCC clean

Duo = David Chandler + Leah Rosen

**1. (2.52)- mid-tempo, fuzzed-out guitar, male vocal, warm, intimate, playful, adolescence memory, repetitive lyrics, nice song!!!
2. (2.41)- reverberating female vocal starts off, dreamy, reverie, atmospheric, eerie, gentle vocal, brooding
3. (3.19)- electro-effects starts off, female vocal, slow-tempo, nocturnal, HYPNOTIC, searching, weird ending
4. (2.34)- distorted guitar and drum pounds start off, slow-tempo, Lou-Reed-droning male vocal, Jesus and Mary Chain-reminiscent, repetitive lyrics, druggy
5. (4.05)- fuzzed-out guitar starts off, double vocal lines, slow/mid tempo, sentimental, melancholy, “eerie effects at the middle” (watch out!), theatrical, abruptly stops at the end
6. (3.25)- fuzzed-out/distorted guitar starts off, droning/whispering male vocal, slow/mid-tempo, female vocal adds in during middle, beats stand out, distorted /raucous/messy effects at the middle
7. (2.34)- Slightly fuzzed effects fade in, dizzy background, no vocal
8. (2.29)- innocent/childhood-memory male droning vocal starts off, fuzzed guitar, adolescent, lo-fi, childhood, childish lyrics, abrupt ending
9. (3.14)- electro-intro, female vocal, grotesque feeling, too many moods can’t be able to match them together, volatile, atmospheric
10. (3.23)- eerie guitar effects fade in, noisy/messy, mid-tempo, overdriven guitar riffs, making different effects and weird sounds, noisy layers at the end
*11. (3.27)- electro layers fade in, mid-tempo, female reverb vocal, ethereal, atmospheric, fairies
*12. (4.03)- electro and punk layers fade in, female vocal, slow/mid tempo, “a mix feeling of romantic and reckless”
13. (6.29)- longest song, idle effects start off and idle and idle and idle (watch out!), late start, sudden burst of fuzzed out guitar after about a minute, Jesus and Mary Chain style, except for the late start, I can say it’s good though!!! fades out.

Track Listing
1. Coroner's Office   7. Cerebella Ataxia
2. Out Of Love   8. Candy Lux
3. The Window   9. Cachexia
4. Valerie, They'll Never Understand   10. A Study In Apathy (Drugs, Etc)
5. Little Cripple   11. 1000 Airwaves
6. X   12. I'll Try To Ignore The Fact That You're Drowning
  13. Blackout