Dilloway, Aaron / Modern Jester
Album: Modern Jester   Collection:General
Artist:Dilloway, Aaron   Added:Apr 2012

Recent Airplay
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Labyrinths & Jokes
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Body Chaos
2. Oct 31, 2013: The Sunset Life (Halloween)
Shatter All Organized Activities
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Body Chaos
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Body Chaos
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Album Review
Reviewed 2012-04-29
AARON DILLOWAY! Legendary experimental/noise artist who runs Hanson Records and was formerly a guitarist and tape manipulator in the incomparable Wolf Eyes. A master of foundsounds and field recordings, he moved to Kathmandu, Nepal for a year to wander the streets with portable recorder, giving him several lifetimes worth of material to cut up and manipulate. Modern Jester, originally a double-LP is his masterpiece of tape manipulations, which took him over three years to complete. This is definitely some far-out difficult listening--its true genius only emerges after repeated listenings. For fans of Wolf Eyes, Nate Young, and C. Spencer Yeh, as well as enthusiasts of American Tapes, Chondritic Sound, and Hospital Productions.


1. (2:27) Sputtering noise manipulations
2. (11:02) Tangled spazzy lines of keyboard arpeggios. Oddly beautiful.
3. (2:35) Slow, throbbing, lulling. Womb-core.
4. (18:55) 19 minute masterpiece true to its name “Body Chaos.” Starts mellow, but later turns violent and thrashing.
5. (18:16) Foggy horns, deep low-end rumblings. Incomprehensible blurred-out vocals. Ends in a noise wall. Could pass as a new Rangers tape.
6. (9:03) Power electronics—a ruthless metallic whirlwind. Sounds like blended lightsabers. You’ll see what I mean if you try it.
7. (4:23) Hard-hitting buzz with echoed vocal samples.

Track Listing
1. Tremors   4. Body Chaos
2. Eight Cut Scars (For Robert Turman)   5. Look Over Your Shoulder
3. Labyrinths & Jokes   6. Shatter All Organized Activities
  7. After The Showers