Music From The Film / Vi Kommer Til Å Få Deg
Album: Vi Kommer Til Å Få Deg   Collection:General
Artist:Music From The Film   Added:May 2012
Label:Zero Moon  

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Baby Drool Baby Doll
4. Aug 29, 2012: ThermoNuclear Bar
Aokigahara Forest
2. Oct 17, 2012: Catharsis
Red As The Reddest Clay
5. Aug 23, 2012: Catharsis
3. Sep 05, 2012: ThermoNuclear Bar
Been Afraid, Bullseye
6. Aug 22, 2012: Thermonuclear Bar

Album Review
Diego Aguilar-Canabal
Reviewed 2012-08-05
Music From The Film hasn’t scored any movies yet, but their songs sound like drugged-out dream interpretations made by several psychotic synesthetic mental patients. Post-Jungian free association tape loop trances brought to you by a duo of DC weirdos, they make really creepy haphazard collages using anything from clanging loops of subterranean percussion, warbling spoken word samples played at all sorts of wrong speeds to sound totally alien, adamantly indecisive keyboard wanderings, bizarro theremin, atonal marimba shredding… It’s not too surprising that one of these guys is a longtime college radio DJ himself (at WMUC 88.1 in College Park, MD… hey, they’re no KFJC, but he’s been at it for a while.) All tracks equally weird, hilarious, and FCC clean.
RIYL Human Skab, Dick Panthers, Bunnybrains, Monkey Power Trio

1. Kooky 8-bit meandering with some theremin and buzzing noise
2. Hilarious / creepy alien transmissions, warped percussion and rambling
3. Brief theremin and broken furniture ditty
4. Abrasive smashing percussion with some discombobulated distorted vox
5. Screeching, blipping random circuitbending and braindamaged atonal instrument waking, more alien rambling
6. Sparkly acidwashed synth, broken dialup connection and some more weird rambling
7. Retarded rambling lullaby
8. Some harsh noise, marimba, burping; things and stuff
9. Plunking bass, theremin, lobotomized methhead drumming, rambling
10. An upbeat steady yet awkward beat, weird Dick Panthers esque spoken word.
11. Swirls of noise, theremin, rambling… you get the idea
12. Strange wacked-out crooning, some weird synth effects and bored drumming
13. Somewhat steady 6/8 beat with warped alien vox
14. Buzzing bleeping glitch electronic madness. More alien rambling.
15. Some kind of a jam with toy instruments, I hear some xylophone and mini-accordion I think
16. Monkey Power Trio after inhaling a shit ton of helium
17. Free jazz drum solo with some alien scat-singing
18. Oozing glitch synth dissonance and… yep, you guessed it, more alien rambling
19. Totally warped and fucked up strumming ballad = heartbreak + peyote + outer space
20. Weird echoes of keyboard, percussion, dying alien monster moans
21. Awkward scratching, buzzing, timid marimba and apathetic synth
22. Alien noise scrambling a normal human vocal sample, drags on into some transdimensional shit

Track Listing
1. Sinking   12. Palpable Beak
2. Delicious   13. Been Afraid
3. Don't Shoot The Theremin Player   14. Master Of My Castle
4. Red As The Reddest Clay   15. Baby Drool Baby Doll
5. Cup   16. Subject To Mechanization
6. Proud Threads   17. Splaw
7. Sticky Fingers   18. Candy For The Children
8. Aokigahara Forest   19. Crotch Rot
9. Cosmic Web   20. Bottom Of My Heart
10. Sweetheart   21. Syncing
11. A Long Noodle   22. Bullseye