Funkees, The / Dancing Time, The Best Of Eastern Nigeria's Afro Rock Exponents 1973-77

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2012-05-24
The Funkees: Dancing Time
Reviewed by Sadie O., 5/24/12
Afro-funk from the 70’s. One of Nigeria’s most popular dance bands, got lured to the brights lights of London and released some well-received records there before disbanding in 1977. They seem to have gotten odder and looser as they went along. No FCCs detected.
1. 4:28 *** hearty yells intro, then relaxed, swingy midtempo funk, call and response vocals. drum(s) solo!
2. 3:00 ***uptempo, keyboard driven, lots of makossa percussion. Something reminds me of Santana, a bit. Fine keyboard solo, too.
3. 5:54 ***downbeat and swingy funky groove, until the percussion kicks things up a bit, then solid midtempo dance-trance vibe.
4. 4:28 ***big chords intro, upbeat funk with lots of bass, keyboards and percussion. Definitely some Santana going on – I wonder if “Abraka” is their take on “Abraxas”?
5. 3:29 ****extra good! Super funky shuffle, great vocals in English. Cool bass, psychedelic guitar… Fantastic!
6. 7:31 ***jaunty, cute little keyboard intro, countered by some great yelling. Long song – gets trance-y.
7. 2:54 ****cool uptempo percussion intro, then midtempo relaxed funky groove with farfisa. Instrumental. Great wah wah guitar solo.
8. 3:01 ***slightly jazzy feel to the horns, kinda psychedelic guitar, midtempo w/cowbell. Mostly instrumental, a bit messy, a fine jam session.
9. 4:26 ***long bongo-laden intro, truly strange cover of the great hit. Hooray for truly strange!
10. 3:20 ***short spoken intro, then nice funky uptempo Afro-beat. Vocals in English Deeply gnarly farfisa, messy-ass sax.
11. 3:38 ***uptempo, groovy funk with cowbell, love song in English. Actually, more like a “let’s have sex” song, but in the nicest way.
12. 3:27 ****pulsating keyboards, wah wah guitar, strangely out of sync vocals – pretty psychedelic!
13. 5:07 ****fully funked up, very much in the 70’s political funk tradition, but with an accent. Gonzo guitar solo.
14. 5:25 ****back to the roots – fully African vocals, downtempo swingy dance groove. Drum(s) solo! Pretty jazzy piano and psychedelic electric guitar – what a confabulation!
15. 4:21 ****psychedelic Afro-Funk! What’s not to like? Production on the drums is clearly acid-influenced… Instrumental, gnarly.
16. 4:28 *****almost sounds like the Mothers of Invention in the intro. Fast chugging drums, vocals in English. Crazy stuff! Messy electric guitar solo, and frenzied percussion solo. Wowzers!
17. 5:36 ****slow fade-in, low chanting in English. Full band starts after 40 seconds, midtempo super-funky strut. Song vocals in African with bits of Arabic.
18. 4:00 ***slow super-funk, very Sly & the Family Stone-ish, or maybe some Kool & the Gang-itude. Rather odd vocals in English. Chorded bass – kool!

Track Listing
1. Ole   10. Dancing Time
2. Akpankoro   11. Baby I Need You
3. Onye Mmanya   12. Break Through
4. Abraka   13. Life
5. Point Of No Return   14. Mimbo
6. Akula Owu Onyeara   15. 303
7. Acid Rock   16. Dancing In The Nude
8. Ogbu Achara   17. Salem
9. Slipping Into Darkness   18. Dance With Me